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Q&A: New Intern Kelly Cassidy

Our humble little office continues to grow here in beautiful Boulder. We’re stoked to have a new intern helping us with the publication ofElevation Outdoors Magazine. Kelly is a Senior at CU here in town and has already had an awesome summer traveling abroad. Now she’s back and we’re lucky to have her. To get to know her a little better we tossed a few questions her way.

What is your favorite beer?
Although I prefer wine, my favorite beer to drink is Colorado Native. I like that you can only get in Colorado—it makes me feel privileged to be able to drink it!

Favorite color?
I love any shade of blue, but I especially love the color of the sky on a bluebird powder day.

Favorite outdoor brand?
I’ve been wearing Patagonia clothes for my outdoor endeavors ever since I can remember and the quality and longevity of their products is really worth the price.

What’s your happy place?
My happy place is skiing Red Square on Vail on a powder day, preferably when it’s socked in and the visibility is so low you can barely see. Usually, this means that there won’t be anyone on the mountain and I can have all the good stuff to myself!

Favorite sport?
My favorite sport is definitely skiing, however trail running is a close second. I love running on the trails in Boulder or in Eagle with my favorite running partner (my dog Ripley) almost as much as I love skiing. Almost.

Best advice you’ve ever been given:
No friends on a powder day… There’s a theme here.

Tell us about your most epic adventure?
This past spring I studied abroad in Lisbon, Portugal and I had to find my own place to live in the city and I had to enroll myself directly into a university in Lisbon, which was an adventure in itself. I had never traveled internationally before this so I had no idea what to expect but traveling around Europe for five months and living with eight other international students was quite the adventure.

Where’s your favorite place to go outside and play?
I love playing in the mountains both winter and summer, especially Vail Mountain because I grew up there. However, when I lived in Lisbon I went to the beach almost every day and I learned how to surf. Living near the ocean gave me a whole different perspective on places to go out and play (besides laying on the beach) and it would be the best of both worlds if Colorado had both the ocean and the mountains. One can dream.

What’s the next outdoor trip you’re planning?
I am graduating from CU in May 2016 and I am planning a summer trip with my friend. We are deciding between traveling around South America or Central America, but we both know we want to go to places with a beach and cheap beer. Go Buffs!

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