Q&A: New Intern Emily Gallegos

School is back in session! And we here at Elevation Outdoors Magazine are excited because that means that we get to welcome to the team our newest intern for the fall and winter seasons.

Meet Emily. A senior at the University of Colorado. An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors. We asked Emily some tough questions (like picking a favorite craft beer!) to get to know her better. Read on to find out where Emily’s happy place is, where her favorite place in Colorado to get outside and play is, and what stories and adventures you can expect to read about from this aspiring journalist as she digs deep into intern life at EO. And be sure to follow along on our Instagram page (@elevationout) this week as Emily takes over our feed with images and stories from some of her favorite adventures.

What is your favorite beer?

Oh gosh, how do I choose? I love exploring the abyss of Colorado microbrews – but some of my recent favorites include Left Hand’s Milk Stout Nitro, Telluride Brewing Company’s Tempter IPA and anything by Avery.

Favorite color?
It sounds cheesy, but I love the colors in nature. When I’m on top of a summit and examine the bright blue sky, the turquoise alpine lakes, and the green grassy mountains with red Indian paintbrush, I’m a happy camper.

Favorite outdoor brand?
I have several – Patagonia and Mountain Hardware are among some of my favorites. I think it’s important to invest in brands that are high quality but also have sustainable business ethics. Patagonia for example promotes fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout their supply chain, so I appreciate that.

What’s your happy place?
Anytime I’m outside in the backcountry with good friends who make me laugh – I’m happy. Whether that be a day I’m out hiking, backpacking, fishing or snowboarding – the welcoming outdoors, some good brews and good friends are a recipe for an amazing day.

Favorite sport?
My favorite outdoor sport is snowboarding, but I played volleyball in high school and that is still something that I love and always brings me a lot of joy.

Best advice you’ve ever been given:
Some of the best advice I’ve been given is to trust the journey and just have fun. I think life can be challenging, but it’s always a good idea to remember that we are all on our own journey and no matter where we go, we are all learning things along the way – so have fun and do what you love!

Tell us about your most epic adventure?
One of my favorite and most epic adventures was a two-week backpacking trip in the desert of Arizona. It was my first backpacking trip ever. The views of infinite Saguaro Cacti, pictographs on ancient canyon walls, an unexpected blizzard (which caused us to lose sight of the trail) made for an aesthetically enlightening and spiritually refreshing journey.

Where’s your favorite place to go outside and play?
The Colorado mountains of course! I love finding new routes in different mountain ranges, new rivers to fish and new waterfalls. I always have something new on my bucketlist to explore. It’s a goal in my life to see as much of Colorado’s wilderness as I can.

What’s the next outdoor trip you’re planning?
The next outdoor trip I’m planning is a backpacking trip on the Ice Lake Trail near Silverton. There are some amazing lakes and summit views that I’ve been really eager to explore for some time.

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