Meet Conor Sedmak—the newest member of Team EO!

Elevation Outdoors: What brought you to the EO Team?
Conor Sedmak: Without a doubt, the search for some new adventures, and seeking a new and different experience in the outdoor industry. With EO, I see tons of new friendships down the road and limitless opportunities for good times to be had. Plus, I’m stoked to Go Outside and Play and get to call it work!!

EO: Where is your ultimate favorite place to Go Outside and Play?
CS: My ULTIMATE favorite place to Go Outside and Play has gotta’ be Telluride, CO. Whether you’re out enjoying the summer sun around town, partaking in one of the town’s awesome festivals offered throughout the year, or frolicking in the deep, light pow that can be found high above Mountain Village, you can expect to have a pretty awesome time in Telluride, regardless of the season—or the reason.

EO: If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring along 3 items, what would they be?
CS: Something to help me enjoy my situation as much as possible… maybe ‘Legend’ by Bob Marley, to keep the vibes up. For a personal touch, I’d bring a friend, to bounce ideas off of and to throw in a little interpersonal connection along the way. A Wilson volleyball ought to do. And on a slightly more practical note, definitely a swimming mask, to help my survival odds out a bit, plus to allow me to scope out the natural beauty (I assume my island is dope, of course) of my humble abode. It sounds like I’ll be renewing my lease, after all, so I may as well be geared up for the long haul.

EO: Favorite outdoor activity?
CS: My favorite outdoor activity is definitely skiing. Skiing is the sweet, sweet nectar of the Colorado lifestyle. But, then again, grabbing the inevitable aprés beer on your favorite patio isn’t too bad, either.

EO: Favorite outdoor brands?
CS: I might have to admit a slight bias in this department, but my gear closet is pretty well-stocked with supplies from the likes of Dynafit and Salewa (ski touring gear), Patagonia (apparel), Orvis (as the wanna’-be fly fisherman that I am) and Mountain Khakis (in the more everyday category). However, among conflicting perspectives on the issue, I have to state my respects for brands like Patagonia, Arc’teryx and so many others for standing up for their beliefs and advocating for them in the public spotlight when it really counted.

EO: Favorite band?
CS: At the risk of losing the respect of the masses altogether on this one, I’d be flat-out lying if I said there was anything I enjoyed more than a live set from Dave Matthews Band. Carter Beauford is an animal!!

EO: Favorite beer?
CS: Anything with personality is great in my book! IPAs are a personal favorite (especially here in CO — Upslope, Great Divide, and Oskar Blues boast some of my all-time favorites in that department, to name a few), but, I’ve also been lucky enough to have lived in Germany for part of my beer-drinking career, so I gotta’ give  Hefeweizens and good ol’ Bavarian lagers some love as well. Prost!

EO: Last place you camped out?
My most recent camping outing was up near the Jones Pass area outside of Empire, CO for some late summer skiing circa 2016. Unless Telluride Bluegrass counts, but that’s somewhere between glamping and faking it altogether, so I’m not sure if that really counts.

EO: Favorite outdoor athlete and why?
CS: Wow, now this is a tough question. Growing up having glamorized pretty much every pro athlete across the outdoor spectrum, I’d say I have a pretty long list of favorites for a million different reasons. With that said, towards the top of my current list is Caroline Gleich, Ski Mountaineer extraordinaire — not only from an athleticism standpoint, but also as an outspoken activist in our crazy time, encouraging us to participate in the various discussions on climate awareness and urging others to help protect our playgrounds for years to come. Which is pretty good for all of us, if you ask me.

EO: You’re lost in the woods. You…
CS: Hmm… probably start, at least, by sitting down for a while, at least until I could wrap my head around my predicament and options. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve wanted to sit down all day, anyways.. haha!

EO: Tell us a fun fact we should all know about you.
CS: I once delivered a National Anthem at Coors Field as a kid. I was in elementary school, and had a few others from my class with me, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?