It’s quiet. Blissfully quiet. Traffic on the nearby highway that connects the small town of Estes Park to Colorado’s Front Range has tapered off, leaving only the sound of leaves rustling in the slow autumn breeze. For a few wonderful moments, the rest of the world disappears and the only thing I see is the vibrant colors burned into the mountain landscape I stand in—everything set on fire by the early evening sun rays. Before me, there’s a chapel. Blink and you’ll miss it. The rustic and rocky facade of the chapel blends into the rock it’s built upon. In the distance, Longs Peak peers over its shoulder, silently standing guard over the mysterious mountain church. Slowly, and softly, sunlight brings to life the kaleidoscope of colors in the chapel’s many stained glass windows—carefully illuminating the entire building before giving the chapel one last embrace—and disappearing into the mountain skyline.


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