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Postcards From the Weekend: Gone With the Wind

It’s been a long week. It’s been a long week and it’s finally Saturday, but I can’t seem to find the off switch on the steady stream of thoughts and worries racing through my mind. So I grab my hiking boots. I grab my hiking boots and head to one of my favorite trails. The trailhead is busy. It’s busy, but no more so than usual. I luck out and snag the last empty parking space, lace up my boots, and guide my feet west — dragging one foot in front of the other until they start to carry me up — higher and deeper into the mountains that reveal more and more of themselves with each turn in the trail. The wind is howling today. It’s sweeping across the landscape with a gentle vigor, making every blade of grass and tree branch dance in one big beautiful production. It’s a mesmerizing performance, and the heavy thoughts in my head start to fade away; picked up and swiftly carried away with every gust and breeze. In the distance, a hawk soars — circling low in the sky before catching the perfect wave of wind. Frozen in mid-air, he levitates in place, defying gravity and suspending time — and my thoughts — for one blissfully quiet moment.

Photo Location: Boulder, Colorado.

Postcards From the Weekend is our weekly photo series showcasing images and stories from our adventurous and outdoor-loving contributors at Elevation Outdoor Magazine. Follow along and see where our team of adventure-seekers like to spend their weekends. 


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