New EO Biking Blogger: Trent Newcomer

For my first blog here, I figured it would be appropriate to introduce myself.  I am the franchise owner of Velofix Colorado, a mobile bike shop operation that serves the Front Range, from Fort Collins and Boulder to the entire Denver metro area.  I am also a veterinarian.  As such, though cycling will certainly be my primary focus herein, don’t be surprised if I veer, on occasion, to include some thoughts about dogs or the like.  So that is my working life: bikes and animals.  Yep, I feel pretty lucky. 

Before starting the Velofix franchise here in Colorado, a number of people warned me that turning my passion (bicycles) into a profession would put me at risk for burnout, that perhaps I would stop enjoying riding my bike(s).  I am happy to say that has not been the case at all.  For the most part, it has been a blast and I have loved getting more involved with the vibrant cycling community that we are blessed to have around here.  The more I meet fellow cycling enthusiasts of all kinds, the more I love it.  I have also learned to embrace the fact that there is no “right” way to ride a bike, and that there is no hierarchy of bicyclists.  Racers, recreational enthusiasts, and true beginners – roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, and every discipline in between – if you’re riding and you’re having fun, then you’re winning. 

My own “career” as a bicyclist started with racing BMX at the age of nine.  After a few breaks later in childhood and adolescence to focus on other interests (let’s say), I returned to road biking in high school, and mountain biking while at the University of Colorado in the late-eighties/early-nineties.  Since then, cycling of all disciplines has played a significant role in modeling the person I have become and the life I currently live – from being a point of connection in the early days of dating my now-wife, to the close group of friends that I love spending time with.  The sport has provided me with health and fitness, camaraderie and friendship, self-reflection and therapy, and an outlet for my naturally-competitive nature.

I can’t promise where each of my posts will lead – but for me, anyway, that will be part of the adventure.  I invite any feedback, questions, and requests via the comment below that anyone has to offer. 

Happy riding!

Trent Newcomer is a veterinarian and the franchise owner of Velofix Colorado, a mobile bike shop operation that serves the Front Range, from Fort Collins to the entire Denver metro area. To schedule an appointment for Velofix to roll up to your home or office and get your bike taken care of, go to

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