Down n' Dirty: Stonewear Designs Yoga
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In this day in age, it’s pretty great that yoga clothes can also function as an acceptable wardrobe to wear out and about. Even if you’ve never attended a yoga class a day in your life but you own ten pairs of yoga pants, or you’re a dedicated yoga practitioner, you know how important it is to have quality yoga attire. Stonewear Designs has yoga wear that we put to the test to make sure it’s suitable for both yoga and fashion, and here’s what we decided after testing the Liberty Tights, the Vinyasa Tank and the Tempo Bra.

Pros: Stonewear makes yoga clothes that are extremely durable so they’re guaranteed to last long. This also means that the leggings aren’t see-through, which is a win-win for everyone. Also, the tights have a waistband that isn’t too constricting for running and other high-tempo activities. The Tempo Bra has four straps that make it supportive, but not in an annoying way, and with its support, the bra can be used for more cardio-oriented activities, not just yoga. For all the downward dogs and attempted handstands in yoga, the Vinyasa Tank is longer than most yoga-oriented tank tops so it did not ride up in an inverse pose.

Vinyasa Tank and Liberty Tights

Vinyasa Tank and Liberty Tights

Cons: I attended a variety of yoga and athletic classes wearing the Stonewear gear and found that while it performed well in almost all of the environments, I found that in the 104 degree hot yoga class, the clothes weren’t light enough to wick away the sweat. While the material did a good job of preventing sweat stains in hot yoga, I thought it was too thick of a material to wear to a class that was going be over 100 degrees.

Where I took it: Corepower sculpt and C2 yoga classes in Boulder, spin classes at CU Boulder Rec Center, Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Chautauqua Trails, Vail Mountain, CU campus