Down ‘N Dirty: Lander Cascade Powerbank (7800 mAh)

It’s rare when you’re traveling that you get to be the hero. Usually it’s the other way around—more often than not it’s a cab driver, or the concierge at your hotel, or a seasoned backcountry traveller that saves the day with a USB cable or an external battery that powers your phone back up—getting you back on track with your travels. But last month—it was me—I was the hero. And I wasn’t just the hero once, I was the hero multiple times, saving everyone from veteran travelers to wilderness guides from experiencing the technology blackout that comes along with prolonged time away from an outlet.

Since adding the Lander Cascade Powerbank (7800 mAh) to my stash of must-have gear, I not only have been able to keep my own smart phone fully charged at all times, but even on days that I’ve used it to power up my own technology, I’ve still be able to share the battery wealth with others and help those around me stay charged up, too.

Pros: This thing is a beast. Once it’s fully charged and all four LED power indicators are lit up, it will quickly take your phone from in the red, to fully charged within about 30 to 45 minutes. Each power indicator is equivalent to nearly one full charge for an iPhone. And although it’s a little heavier than most external chargers that I’ve owned, it’s still lightweight and small enough to fit in whatever backpack or travel bag you’re carrying. The Cascade Powerbank also has dual USB ports, which means that if you have two USB cords, you can charge two phones at once. It also means that you can charge the power bank and your phone at the same time. The Cascade Powerbank is also available in a smaller 5200 mAh version or an even smaller 2600 mAh version—all powerful chargers that get the job done.

Cons: Although the Lander Cascade Powerbank (7800 MAH) juices up your phone quickly, it can be a little slow-going when charging up. The powerbank generally takes more than a few hours to fully charge up, so to get the most out of this external battery, you have to stay on top of its charging schedule. With a retail value of $69.99, the 7800 mAh power bank is more expensive than the majority of external battery packs on the market, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Where We Took It: On travels throughout remote areas of Quebec, the Pacific Northwest, and in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

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