Mission: Wolf’s mission

The reintroduction of wolves in Colorado has sparked debate throughout the state. However, despite the argument, the organization, Mission: Wolf, based in Westcliff, Colo. remains steadfast on its own mission to educate people about these misunderstood creatures, and through this education the relationship between animal and human can be better understood.

Mission: Wolf houses wolves and wolf-dog crosses that were born and raised in captivity, and through hands-on experiential education people leave Mission: Wolf with a deeper and more informed understanding of the delicate human-animal relationship.

Mission: Wolf offers day visits, overnight visits, group visits and the option to volunteer at the sanctuary. The visits are rustic and give visitors the chance to possibly interact with wolves in a natural habitat. Sustainability is one of Mission: Wolf’s cornerstones, so plan on bringing only the necessities on visits.

Photo courtesy Mission: Wolf

Situated in Southern Colorado, the raw beauty that surrounds Mission: Wolf is guaranteed to leave anyone speechless, but what’s more is the opportunity to understand and learn from the wolves.

Hilary Hastings, a longtime volunteer at Mission: Wolf said that working with wolves has changed her life.

“Overall, volunteering with Mission: Wolf teaches you a lot about animals and people. But you ultimately end up learning the most about yourself and how you cope with a variety of situations not experienced anywhere else. It provided me with invaluable life experience that I will always be grateful for.”

Through daily interactions with the wolves, Hilary has learned more about people and more about the impact humans make in the wild.

“The fact that the lives of these animals are dependent upon the choices I make has taught me to really consider how I affect everyone and everything around me. Working with wolves teaches you to control your emotions and to handle situations calmly and effectively.”

Photo courtesy Mission: Wolf

Although Mission: Wolf enjoys the company of these animals, the ultimate goal would be to no longer be needed, and for the sanctuary to be turned into a wildlife habitat for wolves.

Hilary captures the beauty and the elusiveness of the wolf with one word, and that is balance. Mission: Wolf is serving an integral role in educating people about wolves and keeping the wildness alive in Colorado.

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