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Local Hero: Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony may be known for his starring roles in many of the Warren Miller ski films, but the resident of Vail and Denver is inspiring local communities far beyond his success as a professional skier. Anthony has been in classrooms for nearly two decades, while his Youth Initiative Project was officially founded four years ago and has reached over 30,000 students through curriculums that tie in science to skiing, or world geography to ski films.

Most recently he launched The Glide Project, a snow education program designed to educate youth about proper backcountry safety. Middle school-aged kids can actually compete their Avalanche Level One Course, and younger kids learn through the basics of snow safety. The camps are partnering with White Room Adventures, Paragon Guides and the Forest Service. Anthony says he plans to subsidize the tuition and also offer scholarships through a fund named after his late father, called the Vino Fund.

“Since I am a skier, right now it’s easiest for me to bridge kids to the mountains and skiing,” he says. “But I don’t want to be pigeonholed there. I would love to help bridge kids to other opportunities outside the classroom—whether it’s a music camp or climbing or anything.” —Kim Fuller

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