Lems: Minimalist Footwear

After studying landscape design at Purdue University and competing as a decathlete, Andrew Rademacher, owner/founder of Lems, began working at a local footwear store to learn the ropes of shoe fitting and gait analysis. He became so infatuated with shoes that he used his paychecks to purchase more and more pairs in order to wear test and dissect them – understanding all the components of shoe development.

When he realized that the shoe he was looking for wasn’t on the market, he decided to start from scratch and began designing, what he believed, to be the perfect shoe. In 2011, after three years of sleepless nights and countless hours of research and design, Lems was finally brought to life.


Lems is an American-run, 100% family-owned company out of Boulder, Colorado comprised of just 8 employees. This footwear company believes that “less is more” and develops footwear keeping that in mind, using the bare necessities.  All of Lems Shoes are designed with a minimalist approach and a natural-shaped fit, featuring a wide toebox that maximizes comfort and provides room for your toes to spread. Lems are flexible, lightweight and pack down to the size of your favorite puff jacket. These travel-friendly shoes are the perfect fit for your next adventure.

Lems currently has four different styles in their product offering.

A dress shoe, boat shoe, sneaker and most popular, the Boulder Boot. Back in January of 2017, in high demand, Lems released an all-leather version of the Boulder Boot and it has now become their number one seller.

Next up for Lems, in 2018, is their all-new Mountain Sneaker collection. They will be equipped for hiking trails, while also at home in the city streets. If you’re looking to go from the mountaintop down to your local brewpub or coffee shop, the Lems Sneakers have got you covered.

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