Editor’s Letter

The joys of treehugging.

Contributor Questions

Who is the biggest badass to ever drag you around out in  the wild?

Quick Hits

Booze and enlightenment in Carbondale, Yellowstone in winter, and NPS hits the century mark, and more


Should ski partols unionize?

The Trail

Download the GPS coordinates to tour for powder at Butler Gulch.

Hot Spot

Seek the sun in Sedona, Arizona


Big data on uphill skiing.

Straight Talk

Gretchen Bleiler on the lessons of COP21 and benefits of meditation.

Hear This

The drama of Ween’s reunion.

The Road

Max Lowe on how you can always come home again to Montana.


Peter Kray trashes top ten lists in this, his latest top ten list.

Alpine Fitness

Want to really get in shape this winter? We suggest you follow the lead of your local mountain guide.

Meet Colorado’s Resident Badasses

This fall, we asked our readers to vote to determine who truly wows them in this state full of overachievers. Meet the winners.

The Powder Highway

If you hit the road for one ski/snowboard trip this winter, head to Canada. Melissa McGibbon gives you all the info you need to know.

Backcountry Gear

These tools will make your time out in wild snow safer … and more fun.