Instagram Takeover: Warriors Cycling

Whether you’re here to compete or just have a good time, the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series has some of the most iconic courses in the country that you don’t want to miss. Our friends at Warriors Cycling are taking over our Instagram account this week, so follow @elevationout for some photos that are sure to get you stoked for bike season.

How did Warriors Cycling get started?

We started in 1995 doing a fundraiser for our local cycling club in Summit County called the Arapaho Warriors Cycling Club. We started the Snake River Mountain Challenge at Keystone which ran for 9 years. Many of our customers remember that course fondly.  Our last year, we had over 800 participants in four disciplines and it was the finals for the NORBA State Championship Series — The Mountain States Cup.

How long has the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series taken place?

The RME Series grew out of the Mountain States Cup and began in 2004 with a focus on endurance distance cross-country racing.

Tell us about the events in your race series. 

There are family-friendly races for all ages and abilities. There is no license required. There is free racing for kids and juniors up to the age of 18. We have different age groups for everyone. It’s a feel-good experience where everyone is welcome, and you can set up a tent to spectate in the Pit Zone.

How do the different races vary?

Mainly by the course. Ridgeline Rampage is a 16-mile circuit of rolling terrain that is very flowy. Battle the Bear is an 11-mile circuit that is faster with four short climbs spread throughout. The Breck 100 is our signature pillar event and should be on everyone’s bucket list. The high alpine singletrack is very memorable. There are two shorter distances: the B-68 and B-32 for lesser appetites.

How many people participate each year?

About 1,500.

Where can we sign up? 

Registration can be found at

Any tips for pre-race preparation? 

Interval training is always distasteful, ha! But honestly, it’s the best preparation for racing. It trains our bodies to be at anaerobic threshold for a period of time, and also trains our bodies to recover before another exertion.

Any big plans for the post-race celebration? What sponsors should we look for?

We always have an awards ceremony with custom awards and raffles, and usually some type of food truck. Our sponsors include Hammer Nutrition, Honey Stinger, Polar Bottle, Kind Bars, Kate’s Real Food Bars, Upslope Brewery, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, Justin’s Nut Butter and Allegro Coffee — who doesn’t like coffee?!!

Anything else we should know about the series?

It’s a great way to meet other riders and test your fitness. The first two races in the series are non-technical and suitable for new racers.

Like what you see? Follow @warriors_cycling and @breck100bike on Instagram for more news on the series

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