Holiday Travel Survival Kit

We all know you’d rather be skiing, hiking or otherwise frolicking in the outdoors than sitting on a plane all day getting back to your family for the holidays. Too bad there hasn’t been a time warp travel hack invention that beams you to Virginia in 30 seconds or less. Since there isn’t that hack fix for all of us this holiday, here are some Holiday travel survival suggestions to make your travel experience less painful.

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Peppod – We all need a little pick me up on a travel day. A plethora of B vitamins AND caffeine will help you with your holiday hangovers also. Pack a handful of these beauts.

Fool proof oversized scarf – ASOS makes some great square plaid options. Cover your eyes to sleep. Cover your nose and mouth if you’ve got someone sick next to you, because inevitably, you WILL. It will even keep you warm if you are chilly in your middle seat that you booked too late and therefore suffered the consequences for.

At least two good books. Don’t limit yourself. Even a fantastic book you love in other circumstances might not keep you occupied for 4+ hours in a metal container with a hundred other crabby passengers. We recommend: The Martian, The Goldfinch, Travels with Charley, and maybe even a guilty pleasure thriller like Girl on the Train.

Noise canceling headphones. Yes of course you sympathize with the young mother behind you with the fussy infant, but you don’t have to suffer with her the entire flight. Block them and the chatty grandma to your left talking loudly about her pet poodle she had to leave behind this holiday from taking over your consciousness. Be sure you’re fully charged up too. Headphones are no good without battery power.

Dress comfortably. Ladies, it’s time to bring out your look-like-real-pants leggings. Try Athleta’s Ponte Motion Pant. Gents, try the Chamber Sweatpant from Lululemon. Sweatpants are your friend.

Bring a tasty Colorado snack with you to remind you of home. Enter Chocolove’s new Chocolate Covered Almonds or Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate makes any experience better.


Happy Holidays from the Elevation Outdoors crew. Safe travels!
Got other travel hack ideas? Tell us about them in the comments!

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