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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Boozy Gifts To Get Your Loved Ones

I love the holiday season, mostly for the fact that it’s socially acceptable to get a little boozier than usual this time of year. From imbibing at the holiday office Christmas party, to a splash (or two) of bourbon in the ol’ family egg nog recipe, the holiday season ’tis the season for handcrafted alcoholic beverages to shine — and if you have someone on your holiday shopping list that feels the same — take a look at these 10 boozy gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with your loved ones.

Stranahan’s Sherry Cask 

From the stills of Colorado’s first microdistillery comes this elegantly handcrafted work of art: Stranahan’s recently-released Sherry Cask — an American single malt whiskey aged for four years in white American oak barrels and cask-finished in Spanish Oloroso sherry barrels from the Andalusia region of southern Spain. It’s rich in flavor, exciting on the palate, and is a limited-release spirit which makes it all the better for gift giving. Bottles are available for purchase and shipping from the Denver-based distillery. $89;

Bonacquisti Wine Company’s Refillable Wine Growler

Wine on tap is a rising trend in the wine industry, and I’m not mad about it. If you have a wino on your list, gift them with a refillable one liter wine growler from Bonacquisiti Wine Company in Denver, which can be filled and refilled with wine on tap at the vibrant winery’s tasting room. Empty one liter growlers can be purchased for $21, and refills start at $15.99 per liter. $21 – Growler; $33 – Growler + Fill which comes with one free refill;

Ratio Beerworks Bourbon Barrel-Aged Genius Wizard Imperial Stout

Ratio Beerworks celebrates the holiday season by gifting the craft beer community with the Genius Wizard — a whopper of an Imperial Stout barrel-aged to perfection in bourbon barrels. This beer is big. This beer is decadent. This beer is driven by roasty, chocolate and molasses-forward flavors. This beer is perfect for that craft beer uber fan on your holiday shopping list. Pick up a bottle of this boozy gem at the Ratio Beerworks brewery while supplies last. $12;

Woody Creek Distillers BYO Holiday Gift Packages 

Build your own holiday gift box filled with award-winning spirits from Woody Creek Distillers. If you’re shopping for someone who loves Moscow mules, get them a gift package made up of the distillery’s Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey, copper mugs and a bottle of ginger beer. Or put together a boozy box filled with Woody Creek’s fragrant Colorado Gin made with hand-picked juniper berries and a bottle of tonic water. Regardless of what you build your boozy holiday gift box with, the folks at Woody Creek will package it up with beautiful ribbon and ship it right to your door, just in time for Christmas. Call the distillery to place an order.

Redstone Meadery’s Barrel Aged Traditional Mountain Honey Wine 

The sweet nature of Redstone Meadery’s traditional mountain honey wine is a perfect accent to holiday celebrations, but Redstone took it a step further this year. This beloved and whimsical beverage has been aged in Breckenridge Bourbon barrels, which offers a welcomed boozy touch to balance out the sweetness. Pick up a 750 ml bottle at the meadery’s tasting room in Boulder. $24;

Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon 

If you have a whiskey connosuier on your holiday shopping list, buy ’em a bottle of Wyoming Whiskey’s celebrated Small Batch Bourbon. This spirit is a palate trip that begins with a delicious floral aroma and moves into beautiful medly of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon before delicately finishing with flavors reminiscent of Christmas cookies fresh from the oven. Visit Wyoming Whiskey’s website for a list of places you can pick up a bottle. $39;

Avery Brewing Company’s Twenty Four Imperial IPA

If you have an Avery fan on your list, be sure to get them something unique this year, like a bottle of Twenty Four Imperial IPA — the brewery’s commemorative beer brewed in celebration of their 24th anniversary. An Imperial IPA, Twenty Four is loaded with long list of hop varieties that will make your favorite hop head very happy this Christmas.

Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Bubble Universe Sparkling Wine

Class up your boozy Christmas gifts this year with a bottle of Bubble Universe Sparkling Wine from Infinite Monkey Theorem. The bottle alone is so beautiful, its worthy of sending to the wine aficionados in your shopping list, but inside of the artful vessel is a traditional sparkling wine that marries crisp apple and bright acidic flavors together in a lively fizzy drink. Visit the winery’s website to have a bottle of this bubbly beverage shipped to your house, or pick one up at Infinite Monkey Theroem’s Denver location. $50;

Distillery 291’s Bad Guy Colorado Bourbon Whiskey 

Distillery 291’s limited-release Bad Guy Colorado Bourbon Whiskey is one of the most awarded and respected whiskies in the state of Colorado. This flavor-packed intense combination of sweet and spicy has garnered many awards throughout the years, even earning accolades from whiskey legend Jim Murray, so you know it’s good. Bottles of Bad Guy are diamonds in the rough this time of year, but lucky for you, are currently in stock at Davidson’s Liquors in Highlands Ranch. $97.99;



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