Have More Fun Skiing

The first blizzard of the season dumped on Romp Skis’ factory last Friday night. The Crested Butte ski company specializes in designing and handcrafting custom skis. Passionate skiers packed inside to enjoy Romp’s annual winter season kickoff party featuring fried chicken, waffles, and cold beverages from the Irwin Brewing Co., located just down the street. Romp is about having fun on and off the snow.

2018 Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice Award

Winning a Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice Award was cause for celebration. Romp’s new 110 model ski is one of the hottest light weight backcountry skis on the market this season. Ski tester Kris Thomas described the 110 as “turny and airy—lots of camber gives these skis an energetic feel.” Backcountry also characterized the 110 as “light on the way up and smeary and chargy on the way down.”

Our Story

Brothers Morgan and Caleb Weinberg started Romp Skis in 2010 following long backgrounds in construction. Their knowledge of building coupled with some experience in fiberglass work gave them the skills to start making skis. Both brothers are lifelong skiers, learning when they were young children in northern New Hampshire. They progressed through high school ski racing and then moved to Colorado in search of deeper snow. In the winter of 2009-10 work really slowed for Caleb’s company. At the same time Morgan was inspired by articles about people making skis in garages.

That winter the brothers made eight pairs of skis in Morgan’s garage. The first skis were not pretty, but they sure skied well! Morgan and Caleb gave them to their friends. Everyone who tried them came back with big smiles on their faces saying how much fun they had skiing the ugly garage-made skis.

By the end of the 2010-11 season, Morgan and Caleb had perfected their manufacturing processes and Romp Skis was selling custom skis to the public. Romp Skis still builds handcrafted one of a kind custom skis for each customer out of the best materials that money can buy. These skis are meticulously designed and crafted with one goal in mind, to make skiing more fun for the customer.

Skis for the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

A few veterans from the 10th Special Forces came to Romp to design powder skis with a graphic of a WWII Bayonet over a Camp Hale topographic map. Since then Romp has handcrafted hundreds of pairs of skis for the 10th Group.

(Photo/Nathan Bilow)

SKI Magazine’s 2018 Indie Ski Test

Romp Skis continues to gain the attention of industry insiders and enthusiastic skiers across the country. SKI Magazine’s testers called the Women’s 100 “impressively playful” and stable at speed through variable terrain.” One tester said, “I loved the ‘pop’ the tails provide in transitions—a little something extra.”

(Photo/Nathan Bilow)

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Desert

Back at the factory, Romp recently gave away a pair of skis to the person who brought or shipped them the best chocolate chip cookies in their first #cookiesforskis contest. Just remember #noraisons.

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