Eldora Is Going OFF!

Boulder’s local hill is getting hit with outstanding snow and continues to build a solid community with races, uphill skiing, Nordic trails, and damn fine pizza

It’s just a 45-minute drive from the Land of Coach Prime to Eldora—and this winter that’s all you need to make the most of what has been an incredible season so far. Eldora is getting hit with copious snow, opening up new lines and in the trees and putting down a solid base for the rest of the season. But more than that the resort keeps evolving—it’s run better than ever and every employee—from the parking staff to the lifites—seems to love working here. More so, the place is building a forward-thinking ski community that goes beyond the lifts with a bustling (and lung busting) Nordic center, uphill skiing on weekdays, and an uphhill race series, the Eldora Morning Grind, that launched this week.

The Morning Grind gets its motor running. This photo and intro photo by www.cullenmchale.com / courtesy Eldora

The Grind

First off, the uphill scene at Eldora shows off the merging of two of Boudler’s most passionate outdoor junkies: mountain athletes and cardio freaks. The skin up is where road bike racers and ice climbers find some common ground, and a bit of competition. It’s also the best place for aspiring backcountry skiers and splitboarders to learn the basics of uphill travel—or anyone interested in expanding their ski experience. Uphill skiing is open on weekdays only with an early option between 7 and 9 a.m. and regular hours between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. You can join in for free if you have an Eldora or Ikon season pass ($99 if you don’t) BUT you will need to get an uphill pass and armband from Eldora. The resort does close uphill for various reasons and it’s important to remember to listen to all staff and follow current regulations. To learn more and get an uphill pass, go here.

If you can’t get enough uphill and want to fan your competitive flames sign up for the resort’s Wednesday morning race series, The Morning Grind, which kicked off on Feb. 1 and will continue on Feb. 15 and March 1. It’s $25 to enter and features one-lap and two-lap options. The initial race had a big turnout of 66 skiers with Davide Giardini taking first place and Megan Cooke besting the women’s division.

“A friend reminded me that there is never first place in Boulder—it’s just immersing yourself in an active and healthy community,” Meteorite PR founder and trained guide Eric Henderson who took part in the event. “Over my 10 years in the Boulder Front Range community, yesterday’s event was the moment we have been waiting for as uphill skiers.”


The Nordic Center

The Pizza

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