The sun’s out, the snow’s gone and the time for long hikes are here. If you haven’t already upgraded your hiking boots the time is now. The Salewa Alpenrose Ultra Mid Gore-Tex are a stylish addition to any active woman’s closet. I tried out my first pair on the trails of Kite Lake, an 8-hour hike over three fourteeners. A stormy night prior to the hike left the trails a bit muggy and damp but that was no problem for these waterproof boots!

Pros: These boots are breathable. Eight hours on a sun struck summer’s day and the heat of my feet were the least of my worries. Overheated feet can put a damper on any long day and that is not a problem you will face while rocking these guys. As mentioned the waterproof feature of these boots is a major attraction. Be prepared for a worry free hike from a water free shoe. You’ll feel unstoppable as you venture through streams or muddy terrain with no concern for the dryness of your foot. These boots also provide a great amount of support from the ankle to the soul. The soft cushioning around the ankle allows the ankle to feel supported while comfortable. The support of the shoe is not constraining and allows for natural movement of the foot especially on a descent. The most important part of any good hiking shoe is the traction and these guys hit a 10/10 on the scale. They are designed with special rubber grooves and sculptures and those features provided excellent grip. Even along a rocky and steep trail my steps felt secure and riskless. All and all if you’re out to conquer the Colorado hiking scene – give these boots a fit.

Cons: After wearing these boots for a full day the slim European fit felt a little tight toward the top of my foot. Because of this fit it can be a bit difficult to put the shoe on and off. This minor issue will take care of itself as the boot gets broken in, however it may take a little bit longer than a shoe that is not as slim fitted.