Down 'N Dirty: Primus Onja Stove
87%Overall Score
Durability 85%
Comfort 80%
Features 90%
Value 90%

If your summer plans include road trippin’ it for extended periods of time, you’ll want to load up your adventure van, SUV, or camper with multi-use, space-saving gear that mimics the comforts of home—like the Primus’ Onja Stove. At seven pounds, this two-burner stove isn’t compact or lightweight enough for backpacking, but it’s perfect if you’re looking to create a camp kitchen functional enough to make a tasty “home cooked” meal on the road. The stove’s design is meant to pack up tightly enough to take up minimal space, but the base folds out to create stability while cooking, and provide a wind-proof exterior that protects the burners from the elements. While cooking on the road, the Onja Stove makes it easy to have two pans going at once, and regulate the heat applied to the pans, which is a necessary feature for outdoor chefs whipping up delicious meals around a campfire.

MSRP: $139.95

Pros: Space. The Onja stove can be laid flat, packed upright, or tucked in anywhere a small amount of space is available in your vehicle. The burners cool quickly, and make it easy to create a full meal, even while traveling on the road. The Onja is also equipped with an oak wood cutting board, which snuggly fits on top of the burner while in storage. Pair the whole thing with Primus’ CampFire Prep Set—an assortment of easy to use and clean kitchen utensils that neatly fold up in a durable carrying case—and you have an elevated camp kitchen ready to create some campfire culinary masterpieces.

Cons: While the shoulder strap on the Onja seems like a great idea for easy transport, it popped off of my stove the first time I tried to pick up, sending the stove hurtling to the ground. It was easy to snap the strap back into place, but perpetuated the slight cumbersomeness of handling the stove in general. On the plus side, I can confirm that this stove is definitely durable.

Where We Took It: Road trippin’ through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California.