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Down ‘N Dirty: Costa Del Mar Cape Sunglasses

Finding the best-fitting pair of sunglasses for your unique dome is half the battle when it comes to shopping for protective eyewear. If you spend a lot of time playing outside, you know that there’s nothing worse than an overly tight-fitting pair of shades digging into the sides of your head all day. For anyone constantly playing the Goldilocks/bowl of porridge game when it comes to finding proper fitting eyewear, Costa Del Mar’s Cape sunglasses are for you. The extra large frames feature a blended design of a sturdy, wide shape near the temple, which gives way to a flexible, thinner frame that comfortably wraps around your head, no matter what shape it may be. That design feature alone is worth checking out a pair of Costa’s Cape sunglasses, but these shades are also equipped with a number of useful features that make them a solid choice for multi-sport outdoor aficionados.

MSRP: $209.00

Pros: Hands down, the flexible frames make these glasses a good versatile bet for a variety of users, but also encourages all-day comfort, which is super key if you spend a lot of your time outside. The lenses are polarized and the size, shape and addition of scratch-resistant molecular bond make for such a clear view, it reminds me of that beautiful moment when you finally replace the windshield on your car. Dirtbags and mountain dwellers know what I’m talking about. The lenses are available in lightwave glass, or a more durable, lighter polycarbonate option — and they come in six different color options which you can choose along with a variety of color options for the frame. I opted for the Copper Silver Mirror lenses, which provide a nice natural contrast that stays true, even in cloud cover or shady sections of the trail. Ultra-wide temples are designed to prevent eye fatigue and sport Hydrolite nose pads to prevent slippage. Because these glasses are designed to adjust to your head and face, one thing you can count on is these glasses will stay in place. Perhaps my favorite feature on the Cape’s is the open ventilation ports, or slits, that run vertical along the frame near the temple. This feature allows air to flow in from both sides which helps manage sweat and heat, and ultimately fogged up lenses.

Cons: As I mentioned, the ventilation ports are fabulous. I wear these glasses often on long bike rides on trails near my house. But, these vents only perform well if I’m on the move. The faster I ride, the better air flow, the better these vents work, and the less fog forms on my lenses. But the second I stop, especially in a shady, covered area of the trail, the combination of heat and sweat that’s been building up immediately takes over, and the fog rolls in. As soon as I start riding and generating air flow again, all is right with the world, but for that stationary moment, I’m stuck with fogged up shades. And while I’ve found these glasses extremely comfortable in a variety of settings, I always have a little bit of a dull ache around the sides of my head after wearing them underneath my bike helmet. Maybe it’s the wider design of the frame, maybe I just have a large head, but something to consider if you’re planning on wearing these underneath a helmet often.

Where We Took It: Cycling, fishing and hiking around Colorado.

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