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Down and Dirty: TNF’s Flight Vectiv Running Shoes

These babies are springy and reactive!

This past January, when The North Face (TNF) debuted seven pairs of running shoes from their Vectiv line, they brought pro-level technology to everyday consumers. TNF says its new shoes made with a 3D carbon Vectiv plate sandwiched with rocker midsole reduce impact by 10 percent and propel you forward. This winter, I used the Flight Vectiv ($198; 110 ounces) for over 50 miles of trails in California’s Sierra foothills and ran in the rain, over snow and through mud. The Vectiv plate and rocker sole made each step springy, and the Surface CTRL rubber outsole gripped all the surfaces. The supportive knit uppers breathed and kept my feet in place. Additional features include an abrasion-resistant Matrix panel, Kevlar in the forefoot, and 3D molded heel for optimal fit. Designed for grip, stability, and shock absorption, the Flight Vectiv adds spring to your steps and makes you want to run more—and faster. 

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