Cusa Tea: Instant Tea that Doesn’t Suck

Cusa Tea is the world’s first premium, organic instant tea. Made with zero sugar, preservatives or flavorings. The founder of Cusa Tea was on a backpacking trip a few years ago and saw that his friends had Starbucks Via instant coffee in the morning, while he was stuck with his wet, soggy tea bag. He asked, “Why has no one ever made an instant tea that actually tastes like a fresh-brewed cup?” After a year of R&D work and 21 patents later, Cusa Tea was born. We cold-steep our tea for 8 hours and then use a gentle, vacuum-dehydration technology to create tea powder that instant rehydrates when added to hot or cold water. This is the perfect tea for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, busy moms and dads, or even at work.

Just tear open a tea-stick, mix it with hot or cold water, and you have an incredible cup of tea in 3 seconds! Flavors include English Breakfast, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Mango Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea, or grab a Variety Pack that has two servings of all our flavors. Available in local retailers like King Soopers, Lucky’s Markets, Alfalfas, Neptune Mountaineering, Bent Gate, and many others. Also available online at and

Recent product reviewers made these comments:

“If you are a teabag type, Cusa Tea knocks bags out of the water for flavor and convenience.”

“This tea is so good, in fact, that if I didn’t know it was an instant tea product, I would have believed it was traditionally brewed.” 

“Our sampling confirms it: this tea tastes like tea and not instant tea.”



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