What’s the farthest you have ever run?


Twenty-four miles from Red Cliff to Vail on the TransRockies Run. I had planned on training but ended up running it off the couch. I was fine on the run up, but my quads felt like they were hit by a baseball bat on the way down.


Elizabeth  O‘connell
The Bolder Boulder. The Goonies and their jello shots definitely propelled me to the finish.


Cameron Martindell
Good question. I don’t think ever measured my longest run.


Liam Doran
The 5k turkey trot in Parker, Colo., when I was a kid? Or maybe the 1995 College Ultimate Frisbee National Championships … I played a lot of points for that victory!


Lisa Fierer
I once ran 30 miles by accident. Training for my first (and last) marathon, I was aiming for 26.4 but lost my way in an unexpected snowstorm.


Krista Crabtree
I’m more a sprinter than long distance runner, but the farthest—and fastest—I’ve ever run was from the base of the third Flatiron to my cabin at Chatauqua after rappelling down at dusk and hearing a 150-pound mountain lion leap out of a tree behind me.


Lisa Jhung
Measured, and in one shot: Probably 34 miles I paced at the Western States 100. In an adventure race, likely sleep-running at times and broken up by mountain biking, kayaking, etc.: days on end.