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June Contributor Questions

What was your best solo adventure in the wild? 

Doug Schnitzpahn

Solo climbling on Chair Peak in the Cascades when I ended up in one of the those unforgettable too-scared-to-make-the-move-to-go-forward positions for 15 minutes until I finally went for it.


Elizabeth O‘connell

It’s hard to imagine being alone somewhere on Peru’s Inca Trail, but, on our third night, we had some down time and I spend a few hours alone reading in a ruin.


Cameron Martindell

Striking out on my own into Australia’s wilds from the Blue Mountains to the Royal National Park to wander the endless miles.


Chris Kassar

A solo backpack in Canyonlands’ Maze District on my 22nd birthday. I woke to find a double rainbow arching over the red rocks and cat tracks circling the damp sand around my tent.


Adam Chase

A 55k “snow running” race in Canada’s Northwest Territories in the dead of winter, when the temps were -39.


Devon O’neil

I backpacked in to Mt. Powell in the Gore Range at night then set out the next morning with a topo map but little knowledge of the route—figuring it out on my own was more rewarding.


Scott Willoughby 

Nothing beats being the only guy in the lineup at a tropical beach with a leisurely set of clean, head-high rights rolling in off the horizon. Ethereal as it is ephemeral.


Peter Kray

If by ‘best’ you mean ‘worst’ it was the time I got totally lost in New Mexico’s Sangre de Christo Mountains.

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