Rocky Mountain Native Brews

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Summer is the season when beer pairs perfectly with adventure out in the Rocky Mountain region’s wild places. This region takes pride in its craft beer, and its craft brewers return the love by supporting clean, healthy living and conservation. Come get to know them better.


No beer typifies the rampant success of Colorado craft brewers better than Upslope Brewing Company. Since its founding almost ten years ago the company has had only one goal in mind: This is a beer created for one purpose, to be enjoyed by you and your crew outside in awesome settings. From backyard barbecues to backcountry adventures and everywhere in between, the location is up to you. That’s why Upslope packages its beer exclusively in cans—because when your beer is ready to travel, there’s no limit to where you can take it. It may be brewed in Boulder, Colorado, but this beer should be enjoyed as far and as wide as you’re willing to go. What’s more, to celebrate the fact that nothing is better than sipping some beer after playing outdoors, Upslope is rolling out its Can Country campaign this summer to encourage their fans to pair tasty views with, you guessed it, those tasty brews. So grab a Mix Box (which always includes their variety 12-pack which contains their Citra Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Craft Lager, Brown Ale, and a seasonal Limited Release) and get after it this summer, just be sure to share your experience with the folks at Upslope by tagging your adventure photos with #CanCountry.


It’s hard to believe that the Boulder Beer Company is celebrating its thirty-ninth anniversary this year. As one of the first craft breweries in the nation, and the trailblazer in the state of Colorado, the company could sit back and rest on its laurels, but that has never been how Boulder Beer Company operates. No, being the pioneer that it has always been, the brewery is continuously committed to embracing new trends. The proof? Boulder Beer Company keeps offering its fans what they really want—innovative, exciting, fresh takes on beer.

Things will really get exciting this summer: Boulder Beer Company is introducing a new full-time offering called Due East. This tasty New-England-style IPA is a double dry-hopped beauty bursting with flavor that’s sure to make your lips smack with happiness. That’s because the brewers integrated three different fruity, juicy hop varieties in each can—hints of lemon, peach and pineapple cut through the subdued bitterness of this IPA. Then in August, the brewery plans to drop a limited-edition Helles Lager, Festbier, to help us all prepare properly for the seasonal easing of the summertime heat and a big oompah of fall frivolities.

Another exciting development at Boulder Beer Company is the opening of the brewery’s new small batch and development brewhouse, Boulder Beer on Walnut, which opened last summer in downtown Boulder at 1123 Walnut Street. For the first time in a long time, you will be able to sip their creations while watching master brewers work their magic in this fantastic location that will also serve a full menu of pub grub and offer over twenty beers on tap.

Finally, when you head into your local store to grab a sixer or half-rack of Boulder Beer this summer, you might be a bit confused for a moment. That’s because the brewery is rolling out all-new packaging with bright labels and a brand-new logo. Hey, everyone knows that entering a new decade is not easy, sometimes you feel the urge to refresh things a bit, just to let the kids know you are still here—and still winning.


There may be no better place in all of Denver to kick back with friends and colleagues and enjoy a beer than at the new 10 Barrel Brewing location in the heart of the RINO neighborhood at 26th and Walnut. First off, 10 Barrel’s 20-barrel brewing system (yes, we get the irony) gives their award-winning brewers the ability to really get creative each and everyday on the job. The suds magicians here will keep you coming back for more because they continuously churn out one-of-a-kind creations that are only available on site. Plus, the brewery offers a full lineup of 10 Barrel’s standard line of spectacular beers flowing from 24 taps. Need more reason to visit? Consider the view. This spectacular location offers you the chance to sit and sip on one of the best rooftop decks in the city, or you can sit inside watching the brewers delve into their craft. And don’t forget the pub food. The menu features diverse offerings including gorgonzola nachos, pimento cheese dip and fish tacos. Put it all together and you have the makings for one hell of a day, or night, at one of Colorado’s best breweries.


One of the hot new arrivals on the Colorado beer scene, Melvin Brewing has grabbed the attention of picky Centennial State beer lovers in a hurry. That instant popularity is most likely due to the fact that everything Melvin Brewing, which got its start in Jackson Wyoming, puts out is flavorful and fun to drink. Don’t believe us? The numbers don’t lie: Melvin Brewing’s IPA was the top selling India Pale Ale in the state last year. To build on that foundation, the rising star plans to do something really interesting this summer with the rollout of its newest creation, Your IPA. Utilizing the latest, greatest hop technology available, Melvin’s brewers infused this beer with 100-percent lupulin cryopowder to create a futuristic flavorful draught. Plus, Your IPA requires a less-expensive brewing process—and instead of just pocketing the money they saved, Melvin decided to donate it to RIP Medical Debt a non-profit that buys up defaulted medical debt that’s crushing ordinary people and retires it. Melvin will be donating $300,000 from the profits of Your IPA, which will help forgive $30 million in defaulted debt!


Want to take your taste buds on a big adventure this summer? We suggest you dive into the delectable lineup of beers that Epic Brewing offers. Whether you are firing up the grill in the backyard or running adrenaline-pumping whitewater rapids on one of Colorado’s many mountain rivers, Epic Brewing can serve up a beverage that perfectly fits the occasion. From hazy, Herculean IPAs to bright, tart sours, Epic’s wide spectrum of offerings have the ability to tittilate any palate and match your current mood. Plus, the beers coming out of this award-winning brewery are available in cans, meaning they’re easy to take with you out in the backcountry, on a picnic or on the tailgate.

Even better, this summer Epic Brewing has stepped up its commitment to conservation and teamed with outdoor industry companies Mountain Standard, MIIR, and Out There Colorado to make a difference in the wilds. Working together, the brewery and the brands will raise funds for Western Resource Advocates, a Boulder-based non profit dedicated to protecting the land, air and water of the West. During the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver this summer, the partners will hold a big promo party on July 23 at the Epic Brewery, located at 3001 Walnut St. in Denver. While the Outdoor Retailer show is closed to the public, everyone is invited to this fundraising bash. There will be DJs pumping beats, special beers on tap and a bevy of raffles and prize giveaways taking place all day long in order to celebrate and raise all-important cash for wild places.

So reach for an Epic beer this summer when you are demobilizing from your latest wilderness epic or just relaxing after a long day at the grind. Each offers something different for suds-sipping aficionados and will help support efforts to keep the adventure playground of the West protected and positioned for the future.


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