On October 28, Utivity will host the fifth Colorado Indie Business Forum (CIBF) in Denver. Utivity is a start-up based out of Green Spaces in the RiNo district in Denver, and the company assists entrepreneurs, small businesses and service providers begin their business through an online platform. Through Utivity, all Providers are Users and all Users can be Providers. This system allows for simple and inexpensive access to the world of entrepreneurship.

Indie businessThe focus of the CIBF is to bring together local business founders throughout Colorado, and to share with other entrepreneurs the startup process, raising money and what it means to create a meaningful and successful business.

The fifth CIBF will focus on outdoor and adventure companies, and will feature people who took their passions and translated into a career. Panel membersĀ for the event are Doug Sandok from Paradox Sports and Niki Koubourlis from Bold Betties. Elevation Outdoor’s very own Publisher, Elizabeth O’Connell will moderate.

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