EAT | Just off Carbondale’s main drag is a little oasis of enlightenment. True Nature Healing Arts ( offers up everything you might expect—yoga classes, spa treatments and gardens graced with reclining Buddhas—as well as one of the best vegan cafes and tea houses in the state. It’s more than that, everything here is meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. Oh, and delicious. The kitchen is simply an extension of the vibe of the entire place, which puts all the lessons learned in yoga and meditative thinking into the food it creates. Better still, the owners have big plans to expand this peaceful spot into a larger retreat and festival center and continue hosting likeminded folks. Oh, and don’t leave without taking a walk down the stone reflexology path.

SLEEP | You may have a hard time booking a room at the inn at Marble Distilling Co. (—there are only five—but you will be glad to stumble up to it after sampling craft vodka and gingercello made by Connie Baker downstairs. (And wake up to a killer Bloody Mary.)

PLAY | Carbondale is home to Rock and Ice (and, at one time, Climbing) magazine and, so it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of frozen water to scale around here come winter. Head to the Crystal River Valley, just down the road, to try it.

—Doug Schnitzsphan