There’s something magical that happens when you convene around a campfire. That’s what gave CampSite co-founder Amy Kemp the spark of inspiration to create CampSite, a three-day gathering of outdoor-inspired brands, marketing leaders and visionaries in Breckenridge, Colorado. Three days of talks, interactive sessions, group bike rides, hikes and yoga classes, as well as hands-on workshops, all begins this Sunday, September 23.  

“The typical, boring small talk that happens at most conferences vanishes,” she shares about her own experiences around a campfire. “Instead, you feel a sense of intimacy and connection that leads to deeper conversations and long-last relationships. That’s what we strive to do at CampSight — we strive to get outside the box, go deeper with our conversations and create real, meaningful connections.” 

The best way to do that, she says, at least for most of us in the outdoor industry and for adventurous entrepreneurs or outdoor-inspired businesses, is to get outside. 

“That’s why we build in time to get together for group bike rides and hikes and offer yoga classes,” shares Kemp. “And, why we strive to host our sessions in the local coffee shops in downtown Breckenridge and on the campus of the Breckenridge Arts District. We want to shake things up and provide a fresh perspective for campers.” 

CampSite is in partnership with the Breck Film Fest, Breck Create, Denver Startup Week and Something Independent. According to Amy Kemp, Campsight is designed to get attendees out of the box with their thinking, as well as out of the conference room. 

“CampSight is an interactive and immersive event,” she says. “This is not a spectator sport. At CampSight, you’re challenged to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to engage more, learn more and create something during the three days – whether that’s a story, a new campaign, new connections or a new idea.”

At CampSight, Kemp says the goal is to get everyone to participate and engage with one other. So, it’s no surprise that boring Powerpoint presentations are banned, presenters are challenged to experiment with interactive formats, and free time is baked into the schedule for group bike rides, hikes and picnic lunches.

Throughout the three days, attendees will have the change to engage in workshops and hands-on sessions focused on influencer marketing, public relations, sales funnels, marketing automation, event activations, employee engagement and social media marketing.

CampSight kicks off on Sunday with the Breck Film Fest and a new series of talks, workshops and events called Brand Camp that focuses on the power of branded film and storytelling. Presenters include: Airstream, Carhatt, Otterbox, Mammoth Lakes, award-winning filmmakers and Active Interest Media.

Tickets are $499 for the three-day gathering. For the lineup and more information about CampSight, visit