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Booze News: Sip on These Colorado Gins This Season

From its humble beginnings as an herbal medicine in the Middle Ages to the favored drink of the wealthy during Britain’s Victorian era, gin has become one of the most commonly consumed spirits in the world. In Barcelona, gin and tonic’s are ubiquitous. In Hong Kong, the gin fizz (gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water) reign supreme; and in New York City, the gin martini is a rite of passage. Part of its massive popularity is due to the fact that it is an all-purpose spirit that is the backbone of numerous well-known cocktails.

Luckily for Coloradan’s, the local distilling scene has embraced the production of gin and is turning out some really fantastic ones that embody the outdoor ethos and drive that seems to fuel the residents of the Centennial State. Here are five bottles of locally-made gin to seek out and enjoy along with the Colorado sunshine.

DV8 Gin by Deviant Spirits Distillery

Since opening their doors in Boulder in 2015, Deviant Spirits Distillery has been making a name for themselves with their rice-based vodkas, but we have to tell you, their gin is pretty special, too. Distilled thirteen times to ensure a smoothness not found in many bigger name gins, it is unfiltered and loaded with flavor. Designed to be a sipping gin, its flavors of juniper and coriander make it perfect on a hot day with a few ice cubes tossed in.

Mountain Hopped Gin by Wood’s High Mountain Distillery

Nestled in the heart of Salida, Wood’s High Mountain Distillery is known for an irreverence imbued deep in their sprits. Created by two brothers known almost as much for their voluminous mustaches as their booze, they consistently turn out some great stuff. The Mountain Hopped Gin uses Colorado-grown Cascade hops to impart a distinctive taste that almost reminds one of drinking an IPA. It’s truly unique stuff.

CapRock Organic Gin by Jack Rabbit Hill Farm

From the Western Slope comes the superbly sublime CapRock Organic Gin. Made by the Jack Rabbit Hill Farm, it is just one of their many offerings which also include wine and cider. Unlike other gins, this one is made with Jonathan and Braeburn apples to create a hybrid gin that has flavors of lavender and citrus along with the requisite hint of juniper. It’s the perfect base for a memorable gin and tonic, so keep an eye out for smooth spirit at your favorite Colorado restaurants.

Jackelope and Jenny Gin by Peach Street Distillers

Another superb gin to search out is the Jackelope and Jenny Gin from Peach Street Distillers. Located in Palisade, the distillers at Peach Street make ample use of the abundant fruit harvests that occur around their town every year, infusing different locally-grown ingredients into their spirits. Their Peach Gin is really something special. Its fruit-forward flavors hit you the moment you sniff the spirit and once it hits your tongue, forget about it. So good.

Boulder Ginskey by Vapor Distillery

Lastly there is theBoulder Ginskey barrel-aged gin from Boulder-based Vapor Distillery. This unique spirit was named the “World’s Best Cask Gin” at the World Gin Awards in London. Made by taking the distillery’s regular gin and aging it for two years in old whiskey barrels, it comes out rustic in flavor and loaded with tastes that you rarely find in any clear sprit. Smoky and sweet, it is a fantastic spirit that you owe it to yourself to try if you are a lover of fine gin.

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