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Booze News: Enjoy National Beer Day With These Six Brews.

Today, April 7th, is National Beer Day, named in celebration of the day that the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law, reversing Prohibition. In honor of that glorious moment in time and the fact that spring is here, plus the fact that the pandemic flat out sucks, we think it’s time to crack a cold one. Here are six beers you should search out to celebrate this glorious day.

Firestone Walker’s Luponic Distortion No. 18 is the latest in a series of fantastic beers. Brewed using the same base, each creation features a unique hop blend of new and experimental hops. Their latest one showcases four New Zealand hops used in the dry-hopping—Necataron, Nelson, Motueka, and Riwake. A big beautiful West Coast IPA has a great nose and delivers flavors of passionfruit, peaches, and pink grapefruit. At only 5.9% ABV, it’s perfect for sipping on the deck.

Unpretentious Upslope Brewing Company is known for its laid-back attitudes. Their cans are simple and straightforward, no pretty wild art projects for them, and the liquid inside is damn tasty. Their spring seasonal Blackberry Lemon Sour Ale is the perfect beverage to sip on as the days get longer and the nights warmer. Its bright ruby color sets the perfect stage for a clean and crisp tart flavor of blackberries and citrus. 

Sometimes you just want to toss on some classic tunes and kick back in the springtime. There is something nostalgic about the end of winter and the first hints of summer. Continue that feeling by stocking up on a few bombers of Saison Dupont. This Belgian legend has been quenching thirsts since 1950. Its rustic flavor profile is perfect for sitting by the river or on a hillside as the world greens up. Each sip delivers an ideal combination of ripened fruits and floral tartness with just a touch of spices.

From just up the highway in Chicago comes Tome Hazy Pale Ale from Half Acre Beer Company. This new year-round release showcases the skill and mastery that their brewers possess. At 5.5% ABV, it is filled with flavors that will keep you guessing each and every taste. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Centennial hops, it is both chewy and sweet, spiky and smooth. Crack this one open when you fire up the grill.

We could argue that any beer from Greely, Colorado, based brewer Weld Werks deserves to be on any list. Since their opening in 2015, they have been routinely turning heads and defying people’s expectations. Hell, people plan vacations around trips to their tasting room. Since winter is never too far away this time of the year in the Rocky Mountain Empire, we suggest grabbing a four-pack of their Fil*bert Milk Stout. At 7.2% ABV, it will ward off any chills that might arise, and each sip tastes like the smores you will be grilling over a campfire soon.

Lastly, toss a six-pack of Partake Brewing’s IPA into the cooler. Created by Ted Fleming a few years ago, it joins the growing roster of full-flavored good tasting NA beers on the market. All Partake does is brew NA’s, and their skill shows in this IPA. Clocking in at 26 IBU’s, it delivers a citrus nose and taste, plus goes down smoothly, with no aftertaste. Best of all, it only clocks in at 10 calories per can, so you can enjoy it with a clear conscience. 

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