Beyond Camping: 5 Other Activities for a Mountain House Meal

A lot of people associate Mountain House with backcountry camping, and that makes perfect sense.  Mountain House makes the best meals to add to your pack before a long backpacking adventure.  But, the truth is: we make Adventure Meals™. And adventures come in all shapes and sizes. 

With a trusty spork and access to water, you can take Mountain House with you wherever that adventure may take you.  Here’s just a few ideas to get you thinking outside the tent:

1. Climbing! After so many pitches or boulders and so many bags of trail mix, there are few things more refueling than a warm, delicious meal.  Taking a break from the crag and heating up a Mountain House meal will take only a few minutes and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the task at hand(s).

2. Tailgating! Eating is one of the best parts of tailgating.  But, it’s always one of the most time-consuming parts as well.  It’s a challenge to pack up the grill and make sure you have enough hot dogs and potato chips to feed the family.  Next time, think smaller, more convenient.  Try serving up some Chicken and Dumplings instead, for the win!

3. Hunting! When you’re hunting, you are locked in and focused on what’s around you.  Your senses are engaged and you are on a constant lookout. Reserve your energy and let Mountain House keep you fed, distraction-free

4. Moving! This is one of the most stressful events that anyone will ever endure.  And most likely this will happen to you several times over your life!  Forget trying to unpack your kitchen and just boil some water.  Once you’ve finished, have your furry friend clean the dishes (aka pouch) and then toss it straight in the trash.  No mess, no clean-up, and certainly no fighting over who has to do the dishes.

5. Cycling!  Whether you’re going for a short day ride or packing up the paneers for an overnight haul, you’ll need to stay energized.  And with limited space, you’ll need to pack light.  Just bungee a couple pouches to your saddle bag and you’re good to go. 

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