Adventures of the Intern: Home (aka Eagle, Colorado)

There really is no place like home. Being born and bred in the Rocky Mountains, specifically Eagle, Colorado, allows me to escape the busy life I have in Boulder and to go home and get a breath of fresh air. This past weekend, I abandoned all my responsibilities—just for a day—and took a trip home.

Fall is truly a spectacular season in Colorado. Every year when the leaves start to change, I expect myself to be not as impressed, but every year, fall never fails to take my breath away. While I was driving home this weekend, I was overcome with a wave of calmness as I headed over Vail Pass, trying not to swerve into the left lane as I snuck glances at the wave of golden trees on the mountainside.

As always, my first order of business when I go home is to take my dog, Ripley, for a walk, swim, or hike. This time, we drove up Sylvan Lake Road to one of my hiking spots that does not require a park fee to gain access to Sylvan Lake State Park (not that I have a problem paying the fee, this trail just usually has no one on it!). Sneve Gulch trail is a part of the National Forest, and is basically all uphill, but the calf workout pays off when you catch a birds eye view of Sylvan Lake. The trail starts out immediately in an aspen grove, which this time of year is like walking through a curtain of gold trees, and meanders up to the first ridge.

Ripley the model golden retriever
Ripley the model golden retriever

Overwhelmed by the silence, except for Ripley’s excessive panting, (she’s 70 in dog years), I was finally able to be present in the moment. A thought never crossed my mind except for how fortunate I was to live in a state with such beauty that it cannot be put in to words.

Even though it was quick trip home, I headed back to Boulder with my head clear and my feet grounded below me. In the words of John Muir: “Keep close to Nature’s heart and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain, or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”



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