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5 Pieces of Gear to Up Your Campfire Coffee Game

Camping season is just around the corner, and if you’re a coffee drinker, there’s truly nothing better than emerging from your tent on a crisp mountain morning and brewing up a hot cup of coffee to slowly savor along with your campsite views. But hardcore coffee aficionados and self-proclaimed coffee snobs no longer have to settle for a bland, bitter cup of joe in the outdoors. Gear brands are going out of their way to make functional, lightweight, easy-to-use products to whip up a proper cup of caffeine in the wilderness — regardless of whatever camping or backcountry excursion you may be entrenched in.

Check out these five pieces of gear to up your campfire coffee game this season.


GSI Outdoors Moka Espresso Pot

If a shot (or three) of espresso is what it takes to get you moving in the morning, then GSI’s new Moka Espresso Pot is for you. Made of durable stainless steel, the Moka can easily brew ten double shots of espresso in a matter of minutes — making it a breeze to fuel your entire crew for a day of adventures. The Moka Espresso Pot also weighs in at just 30.9 ounces and packs up easily to take up minimal space in your pack or camp bag.; $49.95



Snow Peak Field Barista Coffee Grinder

Road travels often include stops at local coffee shops, which typically offer delicious freshly roasted whole beans — which with the right equipment — you can enjoy while on the road. If you’re a true coffee connisuer, and won’t settle for the generic grounds, Snow Peak’s Field Barista Coffee Grinder is for you. Grind up your own beans at camp and don’t skimp on quality or taste just because you’re roughing it outside.
; $99.95





Wacacao MiniPresso GR

When you’re absolutely unwilling to compromise on the quality of your morning cup of coffee, go with the Wacacao MiniPresso GR. This portable, compact mini espresso machine takes up minimal space in your pack and outputs up to 50 ml of espresso wherever you may be. Just add ground coffee and hot water to the tiny machine, add a little muscle, and out comes a pretty perfect pour of espresso with just the right amount of creama.; $49.90



Planetary Design’s Double Shot with Brü-Stop

If fresh-pressed coffee is your jam, look no further than Planetary Design’s newly-resigned Double Shot with Brü-Stop. This all-in-one piece of gear is spill-proof and features a versatile laser-welded handle that is easy to use for lefties or right-handed drinkers. The end result is a smooth brew that can be consumed right out of the mug it’s made in.; $39



Alpine Start  Original Blend Instant Coffee

If all you need to start your day at a campsite is a quickly brewed cup of coffee in your hard-worn camp or travel mug, then get familiar with Alpine Start. This young company is challenging the big dogs in the instant coffee game, without skimping on full flavor. Just a quick boil of water and a mug is all you need to enjoy the delicious and easy-to-make coffee. A budget-friendly option, Alpine Start is and excellent option for the adventurous, roaming coffee fiend.; $8.99/8packets





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