When it’s time to hit the trails, the grocery store or work, we want to encourage you to think of how and what you’ll use to get you there. Green Guru’s innovative designs make the commute easier, the trip to the grocery store more manageable, and the adventure worthwhile, adding a bonus incentive to green living.


Being a Colorado based company, we live for the adventure and know what it takes to handle the elements, while also caring for our environment. 90% of our upcycled materials are locally sourced. Each bag is manufactured in Colorado, meaning we know who’s making our gear, as well as keeping materials from ending up in the landfill, and send a powerful message to those that come across it.
A key element to our business operations comes from connecting with others on the trail and off. Spreading our mission and product generates productive environmental awareness that we invite you to share with us.

Follow our adventures on www.greengurugear.com.