If you’re having trouble deciding what to get your mom, wife, significant other, daughter, niece, friend etc. for the holidays, we have you covered. A few of us ladies at EO have tested and approved some stuff that is sure to be a hit this season.

1. Zeal Fairmont Sunglasses

The edgy, modern design of the Fairmont make these sunglasses light, durable and essential for everyday wear. This unique style is the result of blending upcycled, post-consumer stainless steel with Japanese wood accents. Plus, every time someone compliments your shades, you’ll get to tell everyone how cultured you are with a cool back story about how they were handmade in Japan. —Sidni West 

2. Eddie Bauer Boundary Pass Down Vest
This is a piece we can’t get enough of. Every girl needs a basic puffy vest that fits well and keeps her toasty warm. The cut of this vest is realistic, not too short and the poof is not too big to make you look bulky. Wear this with a cute stripe shirt or go for the classic Hans Solo look with tall boots and white long sleeve. —Elizabeth O’Connell 

3. Chaco Barbary Boots
Hallelujah! Finally a chance for sane people to wear Chacos year round (sorry Chacs with Socks peeps). This boot checks the right boxes for us. Warm, good traction, looking fly. Fold up or down depending on your mood. Solid choice for your fall/winter style. —Elizabeth O’Connell

4. Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

Patagonia sweater jacket

We know you know. Patagonia makes some quality clothing. This sweater jacket is no exception. Lightweight and windproof, this is a go to jacket for winter. It’s 800 fill and 100% Traceable Down. Let’s also note the plethora of colors. Thanks for choices other than pink and purple Patagucci! —Elizabeth O’Connell

5. Montbell Zeo-Line Lightweight Tights

You know that one pair of tights that you wear for everything? Well, these tights from Montbell are that one pair. Lightweight yet extremely warm, these tights are perfect as long underwear for skiing, or for a brisk morning hike. Basically, these tights are an essential addition to your outdoor gear closet. —Kelly Cassidy