We’re mid-way through the summer months and the sun is shining bright. A good way to utilize this is by using The Ultimate Solar Kit made by SOUL Inventions. This thing soaks up free energy from the sun and powers you up so you and your devices are never out of charge. The kit comes with all the essentials to satisfy the outdoor adventurer’s power needs, and even indoors power needs when supplies are out.

SOUL: The Ultimate Solar Kit ​– What’s in it?

The Almighty 30 Watts CIGS Solar Panel;

Built from CIGS military grade amorphous thin film solar panels, these panels are extremely durable, lightweight and can be rolled up like a Yoga mat – they are the ultimate multipurpose solar panels. They also work efficiently in overcast conditions, which most competitors in the market fail horribly at. The panel can sustain itself in the harshest of environments and still function efficiently when pushed to its limits. Even when individual cells are damaged, burnt, torn or cut, the whole unit will still function, minimally affecting overall power or charge time.

12,000 MAH Waterproof Quick Charge Power Bank

This unbeatable in its range power bank is designed as a flashlight but it is certainly no ordinary one. It has a range of smart features which are practical in many situations, whether you are hiking to a summit, or camping in the wilderness. It can charge phone devices, laptops, tablets and can most impressively even jump-start your car! The IP68 rating enables you to immerse it in water and still have it functioning perfectly thereafter. No other product currently available in the market can match these features.

Remote-Controlled LED Camping Lamp

Finally, the small but powerful camping lamp. It comes with its own remote control, is shaped as a bulb and certainly works as one, conveniently brightening camping trips from dusk to dawn. When charged this lamp can last an incredible 20 hours on the brightest setting.

All three elements are IP68 Waterproof certified and come alongside many accessory attachments, including USB charging cables, a multi-tool, and jump-start cables. This is all packed into an incredibly well-designed multipurpose carry bag easily attachable to your hiking rucksack.

Until now, all solar kits within a similar range are heavy, expensive and are nowhere near as efficient. We at SOUL Inventions worked relentlessly to overcome these challenges, and that is how the Ultimate Kit was born. Camping and hiking is all about excitement, adventures, and a SOULful experience of connecting with nature. In modern times, we all use smart devices and is it essential we remain connected in an efficient and eco-friendly way, this is the purpose of the SOUL Ultimate Kit.

SOUL Inventions is now currently working towards our launch on Indiegogo in September to raise funds and take our invention into mass production.

Come and support our movement so we can get you ready for your next adventure!

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