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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

You know what they say… good things come in small packages. On Christmas morning, these are the delightfully small, yet essential gifts we’d like to see filling our stockings (take a hint, Santa).

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Skins:

This winter season, if your goal is to get more backcountry skiing in and to do a hut trip look no further. What better way to get me out on your skis with a brand new pair of skins from Black Diamond. With a lighter design and their patented tail that can be adjusted to fit different pairs of skis, these skins are definitely at the top of the wish list.

Nite-Ize CamJam XT Aluminum Rope Tightener:

A true testament to good things come in small packages. This carabiner and cam mechanism is essential to any outdoor excursions. It’s designed in a clever way so that there are a number of options to secure heavy loads.

Lululemon The (Small) Towel:
This is a must for hot yoga. Whether you use it to dry off your hands, body, mat, or use it to cover your face for a longer Shavasana (namaste right here, thank you) then this stocking stuffer is a must.

LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter:
Be the Bear Grylls of the group and bring this personal water filter along with you on all your backcountry excursions. Also, for every LifeStraw bought a child in Africa receives clean water for an entire school year. How cool is that?

Munk Packs:
If running late is your cardio, you definitely need these. It’s packed with all the essential vitamins and nutrients of an oatmeal breakfast but you can eat it on the run, and it’s all natural. (Hint: we like the raspberry coconut one).
Find it at Whole Foods


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