Top Gear Picks From the 2017 SIA Snow Show

From innovative avalanche airbags, to sweet skis, check out these five pieces of gear that caught our eye at this year's SIA Snow Show.

Romance in the Backcountry

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but instead falling down the Hallmark rabbit hole, treat your sweetheart to a romantic date in the backcountry this year.

Down N’ Dirty: CEP Ski Ultralight Socks

CEP has their design dialed when it comes to compression socks.

Down ‘N Dirty: RMU Women’s Valhalla Ski

The new women's Valhalla ski from Rocky Mountain Underground are your next dream ski.

Down ‘N Dirty: Ibex Taos Plaid Shirt (Women’s)

Down 'N Dirty Gear Review: Ibex Taos Plaid Shirt (Women's).

Down ‘N Dirty: Rudy Project Klonyx Snow Goggle

Rudy Project Klonyx snow goggles are lightweight and adjust to variable conditions.