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Down ‘N Dirty: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 Road Running Shoes 

Salomon Sonic Pro 2

I live in the mountains and run on trails, mostly, although it wasn’t always that way. I started road running recreationally in college, completed some 5k and 10k races, and a couple half marathons, before hanging up my road shoes and hitting the dirt. This past April, I ran the 10.6-mile race of the Big Sur International Marathon. This destination race meant training on the road again, and also heading to sea level (which was certainly a great big breath of fresh air to run in).

During the winter and early spring in Vail, Colorado, I had been running with spikes on snow with the Salomon Sense Pro 2 trail runners — a lightweight shoe that still provides cushioning and protection. The easy choice for my trail to road transition for the spring was the road sister to the Sense Pro 2: the Salomon Sonic Pro 2 . Compared to any trail shoe I had been in, these felt like feathers on my feet. I had forgotten how fast running on the road can feel, especially when you have agile and responsive shoes to lead the way.

Pros: Salomon’s trademarked Sensifit holds in the middle of your foot securely, paired with the Endofit internal fit sleeve that hugs the foot like a glove to keep it in place. This internal design creates a secure feeling, without an oppressive or uncomfortable hold. I like the traditional lace system on the shoe, as so many technologies have gotten somewhat unnecessarily fancy with that. Most of all, the lightweight feel of the Sense Pro 2 creates more pep in my step when I’m running. It’s great to feel supported and safe with such a minimal feel on each foot.

Cons: While I appreciate the traditional lacing system, it is a nuisance when your shoes come untied. Try not to run through water with these shoes, as the breathable mesh upper will not keep your feet dry.

Where I Took It: Training for and completing the 10.6-mile event during the Big Sur International Marathon in California.

Kim Fuller is a freelance writer and editor based in Vail, Colorado. 

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