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Colorado Branded

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What better place to build an outdoor brand than in the state that gets outside and plays more than any other? The people who work at these companies live the Colorado life—and that dedication to adventure shows in the businesses they run and the gear they make.


The Story

The market leader in the field of ePerformance, Haibike is known for its extensive lineup of sporty and innovative pedal-assist mountain and pavement e-bikes. The brand started in Schweinfurt, Germany (Bavaria), in 1995, but its roots date back to 1920, when racing cyclist Engelbert Weiner, founded E. Wiener Retail Trading Company manufacturing custom bicycles.

Haibike Class 1 e-bikes feature Bosch and Yamaha drive systems that assist riders up to 20 mph. The combination of advanced frame designs and mid-drive systems create perfectly balanced bikes that allow you to ride and shift like you would any non-e-bike. The bikes benefit both novices and experienced riders alike, allowing you to overcome fitness hurdles or extend your range.

Haibike works closely with PeopleforBikes to promote trail access for Class 1 eMTBs, educate consumers about where they can legally ride and promote proper eMTB trail etiquette.

Fun Fact

Pronounced high-bike, “Hai” means “shark” in German.


“We moved our U.S. headquarters to Denver so that we could be based in a state that values outdoor recreation. With over 2,000 miles of bike trails in the city and unlimited adventures just a short drive away up in the mountains, it was easy for our team to embrace the Colorado lifestyle.”

New Products

Haibike offers 52 different e-bike models, including advanced eMTBs offering 120-200mm of suspension travel, a full women’s specific line, two 12 mph kids e-bikes and adventure bikes for long-distance cycling or urban commuting. With the new Bosch-powered intube battery platform and the well-known Yamaha PW-X system, the XDURO line represents the most advanced, cutting edge, and performance focused e-bikes worldwide. The SDURO line offers great all-around sporty full-suspension and hardtail eMTBs, and an extensive line of trekking, cross, and city bikes for your next adventure. Learn more online.

Founded: 1995



The Story

Founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Garrison and Corinne Doctor, RepYourWater is a fishing and hunting apparel company that is dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers and hunters while also increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.

Keep it Local

Colorado is an integral part of the RepYourWater brand. Co-Founders Garrison and Corinne were both born and raised in Boulder and they now live in Lafayette. RepYourWater’s very first design was made to show their love for fishing in Colorado. Now RepYourWater offers at least one design for each U.S. state, and many more featuring species, regions and the outdoor adventure lifestyle.

RepYourWater partnered early on with Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU), which became its very first conservation partner. At least one percent of sales of Colorado-themed gear is donated to CTU to help further the mission to protect, conserve and restore Colorado’s coldwater watersheds.

New Products

As the cold weather approaches, RepYourWater is offering new Brown and Brook trout knit hats and new-and-improved medium-weight Trout Socks and ultra light-weight Best Catch Socks. Produced with fellow Colorado company Point6, RepYourWater’s new socks feature merino wool and great designs. Plus, they serve up incredible insulation and comfort.

Also be sure to check out RepYourWater’s new Venturer Insulated Vests. Inspired by fall exploration in the Mountain West, they’re good for everything from frosty mornings to late night campfires.

What Matters

“We have made conservation a cornerstone of our business by donating a portion of all sales to our partners. We knew when we got into the outdoor industry over six years ago that we wanted to do more than sell apparel. We want to continue to make a difference, even as a small business, and this year alone we are on track to donate at least $50,000 to our conservation partners.”

Founded: 2011


Meier Skis

The Story

Meier skis was born in 2009 out of a passion for skiing. Founder Matt Cudmore was looking for a lightweight, high-performance ski that would be fun in backcountry pow, trees, crud and on groomed resort runs. Giving up on name-brand skis, Matt engineered his own and the “Heritage” was born. Meier Skis has been crafting unparalleled, handmade skis in Colorado ever since. As with many great ideas that started in the garage, Meier progressed to a larger facility soon after. In 2016, the company mover east from the Roaring Fork Valley and is now happy to call Denver home.


Meier Skis handcrafts its wood-core skis entirely from locally sourced aspen and beetle-kill pine in Denver, Colorado. By using Colorado forest products, the brand is not only helping the environment and striving to be the most eco-friendly, high performance ski company around, but also providing jobs and boosting the local economy.

Come visit

Visit Meier at the new factory or “Craftskiery” as we like to call it. It’s the first ski factory where you can have a seat at the bar, enjoy a tasty beverage poured by a“ski-tender,” watch your skis being pressed through large glass windows, and pray for snow with the Meier crew. Be sure to check the website for Happy Hour Tour hours.

Founded: 2009


Lems Shoes

The Story

After studying landscape design at Purdue and competing as a decathlete, Andrew Rademacher, began working at a local footwear store to learn the ropes of shoe fitting and gait analysis. He became so infatuated with shoes that he used his paychecks to purchase more pairs in order to wear test and dissect them. When he realized that the shoe he was looking for wasn’t on the market, he decided to start from scratch and began designing, what he believed, to be the perfect shoe. In 2011, after three years of sleepless nights and countless hours of research and design, Lems was born.

Lems is an American-run, 100-percent-family-owned company that develops footwear using the bare necessities. All Lems are designed with a minimalist approach and a natural-shaped fit, featuring a toebox that maximizes comfort and provides room for your toes to spread. Lems are packable, flexible, lightweight and always ready to accompany you on your next adventure.


“We moved our company to Boulder to be aligned with our core culture. We’re a team of hikers, bikers, runners, climbers and skiers. With 300 days of sunshine and endless outdoor opportunities, there’s no better place to test our products. The future of our product line will forever be shaped by the “Mountain-to-Town” lifestyle that so many Coloradoans live for.”

New Products

In Summer 2018, Lems will be releasing a new line of Mountain Sneakers. They will be equipped for hiking trails, while also at home on the city streets. If you’re looking to go from the mountaintop, down to your local brewpub or coffee shop, these new Lems Sneakers will have you covered.


“I’ve owned four pairs of Lems and they don’t disappoint. As the creator of Altra Zero Drop shoes, I know a good shoe when I see it, and these are fabulous. They’ve been great so far in the winter and I’ve even taken them for a couple of runs out in the snow with great success. They’re crazy comfortable. Get ‘em!” —Golden Harper, founder, Altra Shoes

Fun Fact

If you spot a man perusing Pearl Street or hiking the trails with a different shoe on each foot, that’s most likely Andrew Rademacher testing the differences in each product. As an unabashed sneaker head, Andrew’s collection of shoes numbers well over 280 pairs.

Founded: 2011


Loki  Gear

The Story

Loki’s legendary all-in-one outdoor clothing is a Colorado original invented for and inspired by the state’s constantly changing weather. Loki wants you to be ready for anything Colorado can throw at you. Here’s how it works: Patented Pro Cuffs and Versa Cuffs built in to your sleeve will instantly cover your hands and the patented Faceshield covers your face in a hurry. Some Loki jackets even convert into functional backpacks. The point of all this versatility is that you can walk out of your door and be able to rock outdoors without searching the closet for your gear. Yoy won’t have pockets full of gloves, hats or gaiters—and you can’t lose any of your essential gear. Loki comes in rugged yet low key styles that fit with daily and outdoor life. You can drop by Loki National Headquarters located at 445 Colorado Avenue in Downtown Grand Junction.

New Products

Updates to the Mountain Hoodie Extreme include a rugged waterproof, windproof and breathable exterior.  The new Pro-Cuff is improved and the pockets look sweet and hold more gear. Styled like a hoodie, this piece is definitely ready for the mountains.


“It’s the best mountain gear I’ve used. Warm and versatile, it’s the best when caught in bad weather.” —Jerry Hanson, Loki Facebook fan.

Fun Fact

Loki is named for the shape-changing trickster god. The original logo had no words only an “L with a key.” It was low key.

Founded: 1997



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