An adventure belt is one of the cooler items that you never knew you needed. Created by gear companies to equip you with a few basic tools to have on hand when you need them most, they could be the perfect item to wrap around your waist before heading out, especially if you are heading into the back country to ski this winter.

Imagine your joy when you need to adjust a binding in the middle of nowhere and you realize that around your waist is a tiny toolbox. Or at least a screwdriver and wrench. It will make getting back to the base area so much better. Here are two that we love.

The 686 Premier Toolbelt is pretty badass. The main part of the buckle easily pops off and consists of a standard and Phillips head screwdrivers and it also has a 4mm Allen Hex Key (the standard one used on most ski and board gear), plus a bottle opener. As if that was not enough there is a removable steel plate tucked under the backside that has six different wrenches cut into it, a box cutter blade, and a small ruler. All of that is paired with a full leather belt strap that looks great and is durable as hell.

For such a simple layout the Kool Tool Belt from Bison Designs packs a lot of punch. Made with sturdy nylon webbing it can handle any abuse you might toss its way when getting after it. A basic friction design, the head is packed with tools to bail you out when you need them most. It can fit ten different size hex nut heads, both metric and standard. It has one Phillips and two different sized standard screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and three different size wire strippers. What more do you need?



So do yourself a favor this winter and wrap one of these around your waist, you won’t regret it that one time when you really are in a bind and your belt saves your ass.