2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

What to get Dad? The question of the week. Here are a few things I’ve had a chance to play with, use, and abuse—and they’re all things that I as a dad would love to have one of my kiddos deliver to me on Sunday morning, or to walk out and discover on the patio (in the case of the grill). I’ve tried to provide a nice price range to suit all budgets. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day.

Flylow Sinclair Insulated Flannel

This shirt, which is really more of a lightweight jacket, has proven to be a favorite. I wore it all winter as a midlayer and on occasion in the summer as just a little something to throw on to hold off the chill when out in the early mornings. It has been worn while chopping and hauling wood, around town on evening bike rides to the pub, and while doing various outdoor chores on the ranch. As of this posting, the price has been reduced to $63 | flylowgear.com

Traeger Pro Series 780 Pellet Grill

Here’s a gift that the whole family will enjoy. Traeger makes wood pellet grills which provides whatever is being cooked on them with at least some degree of that wood smoked flavor. When run on a low temperature, more smoke is created. When using specific wood pellet types, like misqueste or apple, those flavors really stand out. Traeger has recently upgraded a number of key features on their grills. One is a quieter and more efficient brushless motor to feed the pellets into the burner for a more precise temperature setting. Another, and this may seem overkill to some, but has proved to be very useful, is the ability to control the grill via their WiFire smartphone app. Read our full review. $1,000 | traegergrills.com

Hiplok Spin Wearable Bike Lock

For the biking dad, this lock makes it easy to be sure he can keep his ride safe. The 6mm hardened steel chain is wrapped in a comfortable to wear nylon sheath and the handy Velcro and buckle system is easy to fit most waist sizes without having to lock or unlock the system. The 75cm (29 in) is a little short to wrap around anything other than a standard bike rack (like a tree). $50 | hiplok.com

Pearl Izumi Versa Shorts

These shorts are designed for bike riding, but they have proven to be a favorite way beyond that scope. Made of a lightweight and forgiving polyester, these shorts hold the perfect middle ground in fit by not being baggy or tight. The DWR finish will help ward off any unexpected precipitation while on the ride or just out and about enjoying the summer. $100 | pearlizumi.com

1620 Doubleknee 2.0 Workpants

These workpands are made in Massachusetts and are a bit pricier than most, but they have proven themselves over years of testing now. Most importantly, the fit is perfect from where they ride on the hips to not being too tight or too baggy. The modern cut looks sharp be it in the yard, the shop, at the pub, or in the office. Add to that the best placed and design of pockets and these pants are the most functional everyday wear pant in my wardrobe. $228 | 1620usa.com 

Stanley Ceramivac Go Series

We’ve already shared how amazing these are as one of our Peak Gear Award winners, but when thinking of what to give Dad, we had to mention them again. No matter what size or style you choose, this will become Dad’s new go-to drink holder. My favorite is the 16oz Tumbler and it works for me all day long with a hot drink to start the morning and then to a refreshing iced beverage in the heat of the afternoon. The key here is how their Ceramic finish is so comfortable on the lips when taking a sip and the taste is just what it was filled with—no plasticy tinge or the taste of whatever drink was in there before this one. 16oz Tumbler, $30 | stanley-pmi.com

Headsweats Performance Truckers Hat

Not all truckers hats are equal and Headsweats has taken their years of experience in making athletic focused hats to manage sweat while stepping up the pace to this more casual line of headcover. Their own Eventure terry sweatband built into the cap will let you work or play hard and it will do a better job of absorbing, dispurcing, and helping sweat evaporate away than the standard trucker cap construction. They’re available with a huge range of designs, but I prefer to wear some state pride with the Colorado Skyline. $26 | headsweats.com

MSR Trail Base Water Filter Kit

This water filtration system is extremely versatile and is really two gifts in one. First, it comes with the popular Trail Shot hand pump water filter from MSR. This little filter can stash in many hip pouch pockets on backpacks and be pulled out to just sip from the stream along the trail—avoiding the need to carry a bunch of water. Once at camp, plug the Trail Shot filter into their proprietary gravity feed water bag system and with out any effort of squatting and pumping into each and every water bottle, the whole camp gets to drink. Available in a 2- or 4-Liter bag system. $140-150 | msrgear.com

Pelican Ruck

We all have little things to keep track of in life, and some of them, like smartphones and the USB batteries we carry to keep them running are not super fond of getting soaked. Pelican has just released a new personal utility case for just those items and have thought through how to configure the inside to accommodate letting a phone (or whatever) charge while it’s safely stored away. There are two tie-down loops built into the case to keep it attached to a boat or backpack and still allows the case to be opened when tied on. Available in three sizes $45-65 | pelican.com

Hydro Flask 12oz Insulated Cooler Cup

There’s lots of talk about keeping drinks cold and the standard foam koozie has been doing a find job for quite some time. But Hydro Flask had a good think about this and came up with a slim and multi-functional upgrade. Not only does it perfectly fit a standard 12oz aluminum drink can with a no-screw silicone ring to hold the can secure—that silicone ring can just as easily latch on to the bottom of the cup and the container can take a pour-in drink as desired. $25 | hydroflask.com

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