Fly Fishing is for Girls: The Redington Siren Waders

As a rule, fly fishing waders have never been particularly flattering. They are practical, waterproof, clompy and old-man like.

Then Redington’s new women’s Siren Waders waltz in. Angels, or should I say Sirens, are singing.

I went for the curvy Marilyn in my true size range. The waders are roomy enough in the seat that I can bend and lunge as necessary without straining the seams or feeling restricted. At the same time, they aren’t so baggy as to bring back the aforementioned grandpa look. The belt is set well for a woman’s figure and there’s a convenient chest pocket large enough for a basic fly box and tippet set up I like to keep on me. The fabric is lightweight and more breathable than other waders I’ve tried in the past. That’s a huge plus for fishing on 90- degree plus days on the Front Range or Yampa Valley. There’s also a nice feminine (and subtle) embellishment on one side.

I was concerned that the feet would run small based on the sizing chart, and in fact they are on the small side for ladies with flippers like me. Luckily, they ended up a perfect fit true to size. The best part about a snug fitting bootie is not having extra fabric to fold up in your wading boot. I am still able to wear hiking socks underneath, important in cold weather fishing conditions.

The Redington Willow River Wading Boots complete the ensemble. I upsized a half size for an ideal fit over the wader booties.

They have a Sticky Rubber and a Felt sole option — I went with the rubber but I know that many fishermen and women have their own personal preference or opinion between felt and rubber. I’ve found the grip to be dependable and I really like the padded collar that supports the ankles for precarious walking and standing for long days on the river. Redington did a good job making boots that don’t look oversized. I like the teal accent color as well.

The Siren Waders will run you $219.95. The Willow River Wading Boot – Sticky Rubber is $99.95. Check them out at


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