Heading out on an adventure, but missing one crucial piece of gear? With Fluid Market, you can borrow it. The easy-to-use app connects people in need of gear with users that have swag to loan out, creating a like-minded community focused on responsible consumption, and helping out those on a tight budget.

“People can try out gear before buying it, and people who list their gear get paid for it,” says Niki Robins, the Denver community manager for Fluid Market.

Since launching in the summer of 2016, Fluid Market has amassed more than 20,000 users, and recently introduced a car sharing feature. Here’s how it works: Download the free app, add a photo and description about the gear item, set your price, set a pick-up location, and wait for reservation requests. Need gear? Search Fluid Market’s expansive and organized database to find the product that fits your needs for a price that fits your budget. Fluid Market takes 20 percent from each transaction fee to cover insurance on the item and credit card processing fees. It also acts as the mitigator for any disputes that might arise.

The app is currently only available for users in the state of Colorado. Fluid Market plans to launch into additional outdoor-focused cities in the U.S. soon. Download the Fluid Market app on iOS or Android at fluidmarket.com.

—Tyra Sutak