International Women’s Day and the Women of Elevation Outdoors Magazine

Here at Elevation Outdoors magazine, we wanted to remind everyone to celebrate International Women’s Day today, Wednesday March 8. International Women’s Day (IWD) is promoting the theme #BeBoldforChange this year, supporting gender equality and celebrating the contributions of women worldwide.  IWD challenges you to “Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world — a more gender inclusive world.” You can share your #BeBoldforChange action on the IWD website.

We also wanted to take a minute to toot our own gender-equal horn today. We pride ourselves on being equal opportunity. Take our annual Resident Badass poll, which pits Colorado residents, men and women alike, against each other for our readers to select the ultimate resident badass. We feature women on our covers, and those are not the exception to the norm. Elevation Outdoors was started by a woman, Meredith (DeMaso) Harmon, who had a dream to live in Boulder and went out and got it. We also happen to employ more women than men overall at Summit Publishing currently. Not only that, those women are in the majority of our leadership positions as well. Go us! Summit Publishing president Blake DeMaso is behind the effort as well, supporting his employees who choose to celebrate International Women’s Day away from the office.

You all love Elevation Outdoors Magazine, but do you know how many phenomenal women are essential to our magazine coming out each month? Meet the crew and hear what their thoughts are on International Women’s Day!

EO Senior Editor Chris Kassar is a writer, mountaineer, Veteran’s Expeditions advocate and so much more. She spearheaded the group Rios Libres, working to keep wild rivers free of dams in Chile. Chris has been a part of the EO family since 2011 and writes the monthly print features The Trail and Hot Spot.

“I celebrate the women in my life by being fully present for them through the good and the bad, by finding joy in each and every one of their successes and by being as supportive and encouraging as I can. My #beboldforchange action is being silly whenever I can (hence all the pictures of me jumping), choosing to love fearlessly and choosing to take it as a compliment when someone says you climb, run, throw, act, whatever like a girl.”

Senior Account Executive Martha Evans knows the ins and outs of the outdoor industry. She’s spent over 14 years working with major brands and developing partnerships for Blue Ridge Outdoors, Elevation Outdoors and Outdoor Adventure Media. Martha’s also an adventure travel nut who has already been to Australia and St John this year and she hiked the Camino de Santiago in 2013.

“I celebrate the women in my life by finding (or creating) the fun in what others might see as mundane, being collaborative, supportive, and an advocate for those who need a helping hand. My #beboldforchange action is being positive even when the going gets tough, and approaching problems and obstacles with innovative solutions and strategies others might not consider. Spending time outside – in the woods and on the water, especially – on my own and with my squad is vital for me to maintain my sense of self, and to keep working in partnership with and championing the amazing women in our industry and all around us.

EO Digital Manager, Tyra Sutak lives her life on the go. When she’s not traveling in search of a good story, she’s cruising around in her 4Runner turned home-on-wheels for her next adventure. Tyra also writes for several craft beer and travel publications when she’s not running the EO website and social media.

“Every day should be treated like International Women’s Day, because badass women should be celebrated for their accomplishments and contributions every day of the year. The women of EO charge hard, adventure further, and live life to the fullest, and I’m proud to celebrate trailblazing women everywhere out on the trails tomorrow.” 

EO Intern Lily Krass is a senior at the University of Colorado in Boulder studying Spanish and Italian, pursuing a writing career and chasing powder full time. She spends her time outdoors backcountry skiing, trail running, backpacking, swimming.

“For International Women’s Day I am celebrating my mom! She is my biggest role model and the person who has shown me that anything is possible. She is an incredibly talented athlete and an insanely hard worker. Everything I’ve ever seen her do she gives 500 percent and she’s not afraid to jump out of her comfort zone and try something new. I have felt the most empowered when I am skiing or hiking or running with my mom.”

EO Logistics and Distribution Manager Hannah Cooper logistics and distribution manager for EO. Her favorite ways to get outside are running and hiking. She is originally from Boulder but is currently based in our Charlottesville, VA office. She misses the Flatirons very much.

“For International Women’s Day, I am participating in the General Strike in honor of the women on whose shoulders I stand. I am planning on taking the IWD off from social media and news as well as from all paid and unpaid labor. I am going to go for a long run in the morning and then I will be hosting a networking and solidarity potluck at my house for a group of women. Before 1/21/17 I had never attended a protest or even called my congressman. I feel like sitting out is no longer an option. Women are 51 percent of the population, so I think that every issue is a women’s issue. We have made so much progress in some areas, but still have so much to fight for. Especially when lawmakers are intent on turning back that progress. My #beboldforchange action is to fight like hell most days but to know when to take a day off and recharge. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Self-care is crucial to the revolution.”

EO Contributing Editor, Jordan Martindell knows how to #gooutsideandplay and is teaching the next generation how it’s done. Jordan has been an EO contributor for the last 4 years, with a focus on tourism destinations and women & children’s fashionable & practical gear.

“Colorado’s great outdoors provides me with such a necessary balance in life. It gives me the alone time I need to recharge so I can be the best version of myself in every sphere of my life. And one of the greatest joys of being a mom in the outdoor/adventure industry today, is getting to share the outdoors with my daughter. From her tackling the bike park pump track to shredding it on skis, watching her learn “no limitations” at such a young age (and in such a beautiful environment), is simply the best!”

EO Publisher, Elizabeth O’Connell makes things happen. From ad sales to event management, to the occasional volunteer copy editing, E.O. is a big part of creating EO! Elizabeth spends her free time hiking with her dog Winston and is working on her climbing, fly fishing and mountain biking skills this year.

“This IWD I’m planning on getting my hike on with some powerhouse women who I’m lucky enough to call my friends. I’m celebrating this day by building up the women who inspire me and push me to be a better me. I think a lot of women think we’ve already made it to the level of gender equality. We sure have come a long way — big thanks to our moms and grandmoms for their hard work. We still have some things to work on though, like equal pay and overcoming gender stereotypes. Let’s keep pushing! Who run the world? Girls!”

Contributing Editor Sonya Looney is one of the top endurance mountain bike racers on the planet. Writing for the magazine she has entertained us with stories of just what it takes to gut through grueling sufferfests every where from The Sahara to New Zealand to right home here in Colorado. Her motto: “Be brave. Do epic shit.”

“Personally, racing is about testing my personal limits, expanding my global frame of reference, and seeing the world.  I have learned more about life and myself from racing and the relationships I’ve built through racing. I’ve met some of the most courageous, inspiring people at races and even met my husband at a bike race! I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t picked up a mountain bike just before my 20th birthday. My goal is to the most influential outdoor female athlete.”



Contributing Editor Jayme Moye was brave enough to show up on our doorstep for the first issue of EO in February 2009 and volunteered to work for free just so she could get out of a job in the tech industry. Before long, she was on staff as our managing editor. She’s kept climbing to become an award-winning travel writer and speaker. Jayme recently co-authored the book On the Nose: A Lifelong Obsession with Yosemite’s Most Iconic Climb, with Yosemite legend Hans Florine.

Art Director, Megan Jordan is the fearless leader of the design team, she rocks everything from special design projects, event program materials, and the overall beautification of Summit Publications. A new mom and a lover of rescue dogs, Megan wears many hats and wears them oh so well.

Senior Graphic, Designer Lauren Worth Design and layout magician for the EO print magazine, Lauren is a cookbook hoarder, library frequenter, wine sipper, piano player, and road trip traveler to the beach for quality sun and sand as often as she can get there.

Graphic Designer, Paigelee Chancellor is the master ad collector extraordinaire and Jill of all trades. Paigelee is mom to two awesome little girls, and we’re missing her talented face dearly during her maternity leave for her littlest addition.

Business Manager, Melissa Gessler is the cog that keeps three companies cranking day in and day out. Based in Charlottesville, Melissa is HR, billing, office mom, and much more.


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