Last Saturday, a crew of local do-gooders led by the staff at the Boulder Fjällräven store hit the Creek Path for some plogging, a Swedish term that describes jogging plus “plocka up,” or picking up, trash.

The store’s sales supervisor Patrick Schappe, who spearheaded the family-friendly event, said the effort was a chance to connect the brand with the community and align their parallel values. “Since 1960, our brand has been focused on sustainability in manufacturing our gear and apparel. We wanted to tie that into Boulder as a community [and work to keep] our creek and natural environments clean.”

The team of about 30 bag-carrying, rubber-glove-wearing volunteers included adults, kids on scooters and a 2-year-old. Participants trekked (more so than than jogged) from the Fjällräven shop (located on the corner of Pearl Street and 11th Street) down to the Boulder Creek path to Settler’s Park and then along Pearl Street back the store, covering roughly two miles. Schappe estimates that they collected at least 70 pounds of trash. As a thank-you for participating, each plogger received $50 in store credit.

Bummed you missed out? Don’t fret. More opportunities like this one are on the horizon. “We want to make this a more regular opportunity to reach out to the community,” Schappe says.