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Libations Celebration

Beer, wine, whiskey cider… Colorado craft brewers, vinters and distillers have been winning awards and pleasing palates with all of these libations. But who wins when you square them all off?

The landscape of Colorado craft concoctions keeps changing. Beer used to be king, but now handcrafted liquor and spirits, wine and ciders (and even kombuchas) are all making a play to become the beverage of choice when you chill out after that big adventure. That’s why we ask our readers to vote in those four categories for our annual online Boozapalooza poll. Then we take the winners from each division and find out what beverage maker rules the Colorado craft scene. The readers have spoken. Meet the 2018 Boozapalooza champions.



Breckenridge Distillery

Whiskey won the big dance this year and no proprietor in the state slings the brown (and white) liquor better than the folks at Breckenridge Distillery. “Our location certainly doesn’t make it easy to do what we do but nothing that is rewarding and worth doing comes easy,” says Bryan Nolt, CEO and Founder of Breckenridge Distillery. “Bryan found inspiration to start the Breck Distillery while standing at the top of Mohawk Lakes in Breckenridge, looking at the high alpine lakes and freshwater. He thought…it just makes sense for us to be here.”

Don’t Miss: Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey, simply one of the best bourbons in the state

Oddball: Breckenridge Chili Chile Vodka, a mix of Colorado and Turkish peppers


Upslope Brewing

There’s a special place in our heart for Upslope since the brand began the same year we did and has crushed it ever since by crafting suds that not only taste good but also appeal to the adventure minded. Credit that to the folks at the brewery who love to get outside and play and support partners in the outdoor industry.

Don’t Miss: The ever-changing Experimental IPA

Oddball: Blood Orange Saison, dropping in September


Colorado Cider Company

Cider continues to make a mark on the local beverage scene and the oldest cidery in the state impressed our readers with its commitment to outstanding drinks and to the state. “Colorado is a hard place to beat, with a great craft beverage scene, the mountains and a nice little apple basket on the Western Slope, we love living and making cider in Colorado,” says Xandy Bustamante, National Sales Manager.

Don’t Miss: Grasshop-ah, cider with a touch of lemon zest

Oddball: Pearsnickty, pear cider


Four Leaves Winery

This boutique winery in Durango almost won it all in this poll. That’s impressive since many think the Centennial State falls short in viniculture. We suggest you head to the vineyard and indulge in a tasting.

Don’t Miss: The Dry Riesling, it puts an easy drinking spin on an often sweet wine

Oddball: Blackcherry Pinot Noir, mixing black cherry nectar with the grape gives a deep taste

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