Festival Season Must-Haves

Long days of music, adventure and fun can take a lot of energy. Here’s the gear to keep you shaking into the wee hours.

The Water Bottle | Purist Founder

Hydration is key to making the most of long summer days, and this 32-ounce wide-mouth has become our festival bottle of choice. The glass finish on the interior—don’t worry, it doesn’t break—means the liquid in the bottle won’t pick up that nasty metallic taste, and sports-drink residue washes right out.

$56; puristcollective.com

The Hat | Chaos Martin 

A trusty festival hat keeps you cool in all senses of the word. The shapeable wire brim and adjustable suede chin strap on this baby ensure it stays fit. Plus, it’s made to be crushed and stuffed in a bag. $32; chaoshats.com

The Sound System | JBL Boom Box

If you want to bring the party back to your campsite (or even host a bash in your backyard) this big, loud bluetooth speaker has the bass (and volume) to pump up any gathering. Don’t worry about the weather or finding a place to plug in: It’s waterproof and holds a charge for 24 hours. $360; jbl.com

The Blanket | Klymit Versa

When the sun sets and a cool downslope breeze hits the field, you’ll be glad you packed this 23-ounce, easy-to-stash polyester-and-synthetic insulated blanket that can withstand spills and squalls—and keeps you cozy. $80; klymit.com

The Edibles | Willie’s Reserve Chocolates

A wide range of chocolates infused with THC—including dark, almond and, our favorite, Maui espresso bean—provide just the ticket for that sophisticated cannabis buzz. Each piece is dosed at 5mg, just enough to get you grooving. Plus, Willie Nelson stands behind the brand. $16; williesreserve.com

The Shirt | Arc’teryx Pelion Polo

This snazzy, über-light merino-wool polo will survive the crush of getting close to the stage with the patchouli-stink masses as well as summer hikes away from the fray, making it ideal not just for big gatherings but also for travel and even a nice dinner in the midst of an adventure road trip. $115; arcteryx.com


The best festival gear excels by making it easier to walk across a hot field with all the stuff you need for an afternoon of chilling out. This stylish rope-strap bag is a winner, since it also serves as an insulated cooler (made to work with ice packs). $60; kavu.com

The Dancing Dress | Krimson KLOVER NOVA

The perfect festival dress combines function and fashion, with just enough style to stand out from the crowd without looking like a rave reject. Let’s sing the praises of the Nova: This classy polyester-blend dress is ideal for dancing with the crowds or a date. $98; krimsonklover.com

The Chair | Big Agnes Mica Basin

Plopping your ass down to enjoy tunes or just a cold beverage is an art made better by the proper tool. Enter Big Agnes’s new line of camp chairs. Made for backpacking and weighing just two pounds, this surprisingly comfortable seat is required gear if you are looking to stake out a spot in a hurry. $130; bigagnes.com

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