Copper Mountain is one of the premier adventure seeker’s paradises in Colorado.  The resort base sits at 9,712 feet and begs for exploration with so many ways to venture off the everyday vacationers path. With the proper approach, planning, preparation, and perspiration, guests can cultivate the ultimate elevated escapade.

If summer time is tagged for off-season training, introductory Barn Sessions at Woodward are available for all ability levels.  This two hour lesson offers an immersive overview of the many incredible features throughout The Barn.  The mandatory but essential session unlocks the door for future drop-ins for sport specific training in skiing, snowboarding, and all other aerial goals you might have in mind.

Warriors can unite, compete, and collaborate at the Woodward Wrecktangle, where your shinobi skills are put to the ultimate test.  Each participant, young and old, is put through the gauntlet of ten unique obstacles.  From Swiss Cheese Board crawls to Warped Wall leaping, this one of a kind course will bring out the best in all who are up for the challenge.  Add on a radio frequency identification bracelet (RFID) and track your progress along the way with the Woodward Wrecktangle mobile app.

Unique to Copper Mountain is the state’s largest outdoor Climbing Wall.  Rock scalers can pick their approach from a variety of skill specific routes, all leading to heights of glory.  Expert staff will support climbers as the belay, crimp, and nub their way up the man-made tower.

Copper Sports has a variety of rental bikes available from all mountain Enduro racers to trail charging Comfort Bikes that will meet the cycling intentions of different riders in both skill and ability.  Take advantage of the resort’s bike haul from the Union Creek Quad lift or book drop off service at the top of Vail Pass for an unforgettable decent down one of Colorado’s highest paved trail systems.

Adventure Après

Because you approached your day on the mountain like a warrior, you deserve to celebrate like a champion.  For a quick or relaxing energy boost, check out the trophy like Onion Ring Tower or medal winning plate of Mile High Nachosat Downhill Dukes and cheers your crew with a summer inspired craft cocktail.

If your body aches, head on over to The Athletic Club for a variety of post (or pre) workout needs.  In addition to the fitness equipment, you can relax and rejuvenate in the pool, hot tubs, steam room or sauna.  If you need a full recovery, visit the Copper Mountain Spa on property and book one or more of their healing treatments.



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