Will Frischkorn might not hold a warm spot in his heart for collisions—as a professional cyclist, he raced in the Tour de France and took home a combativity award for a stage in 2008—but he does take great pleasure when his favorite things, bikes and food, mash-up every July. That’s when Tour cyclists race around European countries (mostly France). The month also kicks-off a spectacle of culinary savvy: The Cured de France.

Frischkorn has shifted his profession from spinning wheels to plating epicurian delights. After retiring from cycling, Will and his wife Coral moved to bike-crazy Boulder and in 2011 opened Cured, a shop specializing in cheese, charcuterie and wine. For the 2012 Tour, the Frischkorns had an idea: Since the Tour passes through some of the most iconic culinary destinations in the world, why not craft a guide that helps people celebrate Tour stages with cheese and wine from regions along the stages? And why not stock Cured with those treats?

Cured’s Tour guide has become the yellow jersey for foodie-minded Boulderites, and now the cheeses (and the wines if you live in Colorado) are available online. curedboulder.com

—E.O. Staff